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Specialist horse fencing is may be made from PVC plastic, which is designed to yield and spring back gently, thus avoiding risk of injury to the horse. A danger of wooden horse fencing is that if it becomes damaged or broken it may seriously injure the horse. Wire mesh horse fencing is also available. Electrical fencing systems may be combined with other types of horse fencing. These give a gentle electric shock, and trains the horse not to press against the fence.


The leading manufacturers, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials.




RAMM. RAMM supplies a wide range of horse stalls, horse fence systems, and equine products for farm and barn. Its range of horse fence products includes the high tensile wire Flex-Fence, flexible rail fencing, electric fences, rigid PVC, non-climb and wire mesh horse fencing. The RAMM website includes an intractive Horse Fence Advisor. This selects suitable horse fences, based on the type of fencing (permanent or temporary), use of the land (turnout, dry lot, riding, groundwork, and grazing), rowdiness of the horse, type of terrain, temperature, and wind strength.


System. System Fencing, Stalls & Equpment is a family business, run by horsemen, based in Rockwood, Ontario, Canada. It is a leading manufacturer of horse fences, horse stalls, barn hardware, and equine products. The product range includes Flex Fence, electric fencing, horse stalls, Dutch doors, run in sheds, PVC fence, stall mats, stable comfort mattresses, rubber tile flooring solutions, horse exercisers, and non-climb and wire fencing. In addition to fencing, the company supplies Fence Tools, Fence Paint, Fence Accessories, and Fence Posts. There is a Fencing Photo Album.


Centaur. Centaur HTP, based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, is a subsidiary of plastics and polymer manufacturer E.S.Robbins. Owner and founder Ed Robbins is an active polo player, who was inspired to develop plastic horse fence systems after a friend's polo pony was mangled in a wooden fence and had to be put down. Centaur plastic horse fence offers absolute containment, yet a gentle rebound for any horse that encounters the fence. The product range covers: Rail Fencing, Coated Single Wire Fencing, Electric Fencing, Sure-Fit Fence Accessories, and KleerFlex Doors.


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