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Industrial flooring systems are used to provide the surface finish to concrete floors in all types of industrial and commercial premises, including airplane hangers, assembly areas, automotive plants, bakeries, bottling areas, candy manufacturing, and chemical plants. The most common type of industrial flooring is epoxy coating. This may be be built up to thicknesses of between 5mm and 25mm, and may be solvent or water based.


An alternative type of coating is made from polyurethane. This is a two-component system, which cures independently of relative humidity, and produces a high gloss finish. Specialist industrial flooring is available for areas exposed to harsh chemicals or severe temperatures. Specialist electrocstatic discharge (ESD) industrial flooring is available in situations where static electricity could interfere with electronic components or volatile chemicals.




The following leading industrial flooring suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of industrial flooring, including online catalogs, colours and materials for industrial flooring, and care and maintenance of industrial flooring.


Dyna Floor: Industrial Flooring. Dyna Floor, based in Macedonia, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer and installer of epoxy industrial flooring. It can undertake industrial flooring projects ranging from re-surfacing an entire facility to repairing expansion joints. Dyna Floor installs millions of square feet of industrial flooring each year, in sectors including food, paper, rubber, steel, auto, and hospitals. Its website contains the following main sections: Patch Materials, Industrial Flooring Coatings, and Resurfacing of Industrial Flooring. Twenty standard colors are available, including lively red, yellow, and orange.


Stonhard: Industrial Flooring. Stonhard, of Maple Shade, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of seamless, polymer floors for chemical processing and other industrial flooring applications. Stonhard offers five ranges of industrial flooring: Stonclad Heavy Duty Flooring Industrial Flooring System, Stonshield Slip-Resistant Industrial Flooring System, Stonblend Progressively Designed Industrial Flooring System, Stontec Vinyl Flake Industrial Flooring System, and Stonlux Self Leveling Industrial Flooring System. Other sections of the website cover: Continuing Education, Product Data Sheets, and Engineering Details.


ICS Garland: Industrial Flooring. ICS Garland Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer of industrial flooring. It has manufactured and installed more than 100 million square feet of flooring since 1959. It industrial flooring range comprises: Epoxy Coating Industrial Flooring Systems, Polyurethane Coating Systems, Corrosion Control Systems, ESD Control Systems, Re-Surfacer Systems for Industrial Flooring, Self-Leveling Slurry Systems, and Decorative Systems. A chart matches these to types of project, such as Airplane Hangars, Bakeries, and Bottling Areas. 



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