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Interior doors may be of solid timber, or of molded construction. Solid timber doors have a more traditional appearance. A wide variety of design is available, traditional and contemporary. These include Shaker designs. Interior doors may contain decorative glazed panels.


Wooden interior doors may be given a natural finish, or may be painted. Timbers for interior doors include: American Red Oak, Knotty Pine, Maple, and Cherry. Each has its distinctive coloring and grain.




The leading interior door manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, which are listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of interior doors, including online catalogs of interior doors, styles and materials for interior doors, and care and maintenance of interior doors.


Bartels USA: Interior Doors. Bartels USA supplies custom interior doors and sliding door hardware, as well as inventory wood doors and barn door hardware. It specialises in high quality products imported from Germany, and has a showroom in the Design Centre of the Americas, in Dania Beach, Florida. The Bartels philosophy is to supply interior doors that do not simply perform a function, but raise the concept of the door to something extraordinary.


Bartels USA interior doors include wood doors, glass doors, laminate doors, swinging doors, and sliding doors. The range of Bartels USA door hardware includes: barn door hardware, interior sliding door hardware, ladder hardware, pivoting hinge door hardware, shower door hardware, door handles, door hinges and latch hardware.


Homestead Interior Doors. Hardwood Interior Doors, based in Vickery, Ohio, is a leading supplier of affordable hardwood doors for all applications. It supplies interior doors in both solid wood and wood veneer. The solid wood interior doors are available in four ranges: Raised Panel Doors, Flat Panel Solid Wood Doors, Rustic Interior Doors, and Homestead Series Doors.


The Homestead Interior Doors are the top of the range, with all wood being hand selected for color and grain. Mortise and tenon construction is used at all joints, and the doors are meticulously sanded ready for finish. Climatic conditions in the customer's zip code area are taken into account in the door design.


Interior Doors by IDRC. The Interior Door Replacement Company (IDRC) was established in 1997 and is based in Mountain View, Huntington Beach, Fremont, and Torrance, all in California. It specialises in replacing flat interior doors and front entry doors with custom doors. It measures a door in less than 1 minute using a digital measuring tool; the dimensions are then transferred to a computer controlled door cutting machine. The old interior doors are kept in their frames until the new doors are installed.


Available materials for interior doors include: oak, maple, mahogany, cherry, pine, alder, and fiberglass. Interior doors to be painted are hung on a slow moving conveyor system, which takes them to a dust free finishing booth for the application of several sealers and a final water-based top coat. IDRC will provide replacement doors in the form of mirror doors, bifold doors, pocket doors, closet doors, fire doors, and garage doors.


Kestrel Interior Doors. Kestrel, based in Stowe, Pennsylvania, has been manufacturing interior and exterior shutters and doors, including interior doors, since 1989. Their wood shutters, interior doors, and folding screen room dividers are made to order in the factory in Stowe. Their interior doors are made from hardwood, joined with deep pocket mortise and tenon joints, which are pegged for greater durability. Product categories in the Kestrel website include: Exterior Shutters, Interior Shutters, Closet Doors, Louvered Doors, Board & Batten Shutters, Folding Screens, Plantation Shutters, Bifold Doors and Sliding Closet Doors.


The Kestrel website contains ten articles on interior doors and shutters. Titles include: Reasons for Pegs in Door Construction, Bottom Tracks for Closet Door Hardware, Hardware for Bifold Doors, and An Introduction to Plantation Shutters.


Masonite Interior Doors. Masonite is a leading manufacturer of interior and exterior doors. The Masonite website has geographical sections for Europe, Africa, China, Canada, and the USA. There are sections for homeowners, and for buildings, architects and remodelers. There is also a comprehensive online product guide with information on door types. The Masonite range of interior doors includes: molded panel interior doors, Safe'n Sound interior doors, Palazzo series, Masonite interior stile and rail door collection, and flush interior doors. Safe'n Sound interior doors provide improved sound reduction, with the heft and feel of a solid wood door. They have a solid core, which provides better sound-deadening qualities compared to conventional, flush, hollow core doors.


The Masonite company was founded in 1924 by William Mason, who invented a new form of processed wood called Masonite. Wooden chips were blated into long fibers with steam and were then formed into boards which were pressed and heated. The long fibres gave Masonite high bending strength, tensile strength, density, and stability. Masonite was widely used in interior and exterior doors, roofing, walls, desktops, canoes, and electric guitars.


Simpson Interior Doors. Simpson Door Company is a leading manufacturer of interior and exterior wood doors . The Simpson Door Company website contains sections on catalog and products, including interior and exterior wood doors, french windows and panel doors. There are sections on custom interior doors, leaded glass, glass options, and wood species. There is also an idea gallery, and a database of Simpson Door Company dealers. The Simpson range of interior doors includes: decorative French interior doors, chalkboard panel doors, American Red Oak interior doors, Knotty Pine interior doors, Maple interior doors, Cherry interior doors, and the Shaker Series of interior doors


Simpson Door Company was established by Henry McCleary in 1912, and was bought by Simpson Logging Company in 1941. It is one of the oldest continuously operating door plants in the USA.




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