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The purchase of replacement kitchen cabinet doors offers a more economical alternative to the complete removal of kitchen cabinets. Replacement kitchen cabinet doors enable the appearance of a kitchen to be changed completely, to suit the customers chosen style. They are available in finished or unfinished solid wood, in MDF covered with rigid thermo foil. They are also available in solid wood, stainless steel and aluminium. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are available in each of these materials.




There are three main matters for consideration: materials, style, and handles.




The cheapest doors are made of medium density fiberboard, with a painted finish. The most expensive are made of solid hardwood. In between these, in terms of cost, are doors made of medium density fiberboard with a laminate or wood veneer finish. All are perfectly practical, but you pay for what you get. Wood veneer gives a warmer, more luxurious look compared to painted medium density fiberboard. And solid hardwood is by far the best in terms of look, feel, and durability. By comparison laminate or veneered doors are much more likely to deteriorate through chipping, particularly at the corners. Remember that these doors suffer a lot of wear and tear.




In terms of style there are three main options: plain flat doors, simple Shaker style frame and panel doors, and more elaborately decorative doors with moldings. A further option is to have medium density fiberboard doors into which decorative grooves have been cut to resemble panel construction. We would advise against this, as it looks like a cheap imitation of the real thing.


In general our advice would be to keep it simple. A kitchen is a complicated room, with a lot of furniture, fittings, and equipment. A complicated decorative design for the cabinet doors will add to this clutter, and can produce a very fussy effect. We suggest that in many cases simple Shaker style frame and panel doors will be the right choice - if made of solid hardwood they will be good looking and durable, while giving a calm general appearance. Highly decorative kitchen cabinet doors with elaborate moldings can look really out of place in a modern building.




Our advice in respect of handles is again to keep it simple. For traditional style doors, including Shaker style frame and panel doors, a simple round knob, either in wood or ceramic, can look very good. For flat contemporary style doors we would recommend a simple D handle, in satin or bright stainless steel. Kitchens are practical work places, and you want to be able to open and close the cabinet doors easily - not find yourself fiddling with complicated antique-style or novelty handles. So we would advise proceeding with caution in respect of the wide range of themed knobs which are available; themes include animals, celtic, colonial, fish & reptiles, fruit & vegetables, and sun, moon, and stars. See our product guide on Door Knobs.




The leading manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, which are listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Cabinet Door Depot. Cabinet Door Depot, a division of AJS Woodworking, of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, supplies a wide range of kitchen cabinet doors. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Wood Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts, Rigid Thermo Foil Cabinet Doors, Rigid Thermo Foil Drawer Fronts, Mullions & Glass Frames, and Knobs, Hinges and Accessories for Cabinet Doors. The website contains a useful guide on measuring your kitchen for do-it-yourself replacement of cabinet doors. Cabinet Door Depot suggests that a fast and economical option is to paint your kitchen cabinets white, and replace the doors with a white Rigid Thermo Foil style of kitchen cabinet doors. If you decide to replace your cabinet doors with solid wood doors, matching veneer is available for application to the kitchen cabinets themselves.


Eagle Bay. Eagle Bay, based in Orlando, Florida, is a manufacturer and distributor of custom cabinet doors. It supplies cabinet doors and dovetail drawer boxes in all types of solid wood. Available styles, which are constructed with mortise and tenon joints, include Raised Panel, Recessed Panel, Glass Mullion, and Flat Panel. Eagle Bay also supplies thermofoil/RTF cabinet doors, and all-wood ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. Eagle Bay supplies cabinet re-facing and remodeling items, including veneer, corbels, appliques and moldings, to professional cabinet makers and to do-it-yourselfers. It ships product, normally within ten days or less, to all parts of the USA, Canada, and the Caribbean.


Maple Craft USA. Maple Craft USA supplies a wide range of replacement kitchen cabinet doors. A family business, it is a division of Kaufer Associates Inc, run by Steve and Marilyn Kaufer since 1960. Maple Craft USA supplies finished and unfinished wood doors, Thermofoil cabinet doors, painted MDF cabinet doors, veneer cabinet doors, stainless steel cabinet doors, and aluminium cabinet doors. Maple Craft USA also supplies Heirloom Kitchen Furniture, including Jelly Cupboards, Pie Safes, Curios, and Pantries. To complement new cabinet doors, Maple Craft offers aluminum frame LED panels. These can be used as shelves (with the light emitting from the upper and lower surfaces of the shelf) or as illuminated backsplashes. They are extremely efficient, and are powered by a 12 volt supply.  




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