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Kitchen storage is used to describe the numerous storage devices which can be fitted into kitchen cabinets, can be wall hung, or can stand on the kitchen countertop. They are mostly made from chromed steel wire, but may also be made of wood. Kitchen storage furniture and cabinets may be designed to hold kitchen storage containers. Storage units for fitting into kitchen cabinets may be hung on the inside of the cabinet door, or may take the form of slide-out or roll-out racks. Other forms of kitchen storage include glass food jars, and boxes for storing dinnerware and flatware.  




The following leading kitchen storage manufacturers and suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of kitchen storage, including online catalogs of kitchen storage products.


Container Store: Kitchen Storage. The Container Store was founded in 1978 by Kip Tindell, Garrett Boone and architect John Mullen. It specialised in storage, including kitchen storage, stocking many items normally only used in commercial or industrial premises. The Container Store now has a range of more than 10,000 products which it sells from its stores and online. Its kitchen storage range includes: food storage, cabinet organizers, drawer organizers, pantry organizers, dinnerware storage, food-on-the-go, carts, spice storage, trash cans, wine racks and barware, refrigerator storage and countertop storage.


The Container Store website contains sections of articles giving helpful advice on: Expert Storage Tips & Ideas, Plan a Space, Wish List, and Organize your Dorm. The Storage Tps & Ideas section contains an article on Top 5 Kitchen Clutter Challengers. Kitchen Storage., based in Riverside, California, was founded by Terry Shearer in 1998. He has a personal interest in being 'neat' and has a passion for gadgets. Its range of kitchen storage includes: bag holders, baskets, bins, boxes, cabinet and shelf organizers, carts racks and workstations, china and flatware storage, coffee and tea storage, cookbook holders, countertop organizers, coupon organizers, drawer organizers, and food storage. It also supplies: knife storage, napkin holders, pantry organizers, pot racks, sink solutions, spice storage, utensil holders, and wine racks.


The website has more than 20 explanatory videos, including videos on kitchen storage items such as Wall Mounted Canisters, Magnetic Spice Racks, Spice Dispensers, Laundry Hanger Holders, Wall Mount Dryers, and Stow Away Boards.




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