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Lava Lamps consist of a tapered glass bottle containing water, which is heated with a bulb at the base. Within the bottle there is a blob of wax and carbon tetrachloride. This blob is slightly denser than water at room temperature, but slightly less dense than water when both are heated. The reason for adding the carbon tetrachloride to the wax is that wax alone would be much less dense than water at any temperature. A lava lamp takes at least an hour to stabilize after being switched on. Thereafter the wax blob rises and falls within the bottle, creating a soothing, and even mesmerising effect. The water and the blob are of contrasting colors, to produce a decorative effect.


The first type of lava lamp was the Astro Lamp, which was invented in Britain in 1963 by Edward Craven-Walker. The Astro Lamp became known as the Lava Brand Motion Lamp after the US rights to the lamp were bought by two Americans in 1965.




The following leading lava lamp suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of lava lamps, including online catalogs, designs, colors and materials for lava lamps.


Planet Lava: Lava Lamps. Planet Lava is a leading retailer of novelty lighting including Lava Lamps. Its website is organized into the following categories: Lava Lamps, Glitter Lamps, LED Lighting, Plasma Lamps, Party Lights, Laserpods, Blacklights, and Fluid DVD. The Lava Lamp range includes: 52 oz Lava Lamps, 32 oz Lava Lamps with resin base, 20 oz Lava Lamps with silver base, Accent Lava Lamps, Chrome Lava Lamps, Lava Coach Lamps, Nostalgic Lava Lamps, Starship 2 Lava Lamps, and Lava Table Lamps. Colour combinations within the lamp include black/clear, red/mauve, and blue/green.


Lava World International: Lava Lamps. Lava World International, based in Elmhurst, Illinois, is the exclusive US manufacturer of Lava Lamps. Dedicated to the fun of Lava Lamps, the website provides information about Lava Lamps; it does not sell them online. It is organized into the following main sections: Lava's 40, Cool Lava Lamp Products, Lava News, Partner Resources, Cool Lava Lamp Stuff, and Frequently Asked Questions about Lava Lamps. The Lava's 40 section gives a history of the Lava Lamp since its invention 40 years ago. Frequently Asked Questions include: Why is my globe cloudy? and Why do the Lava blobs stay as a glob at the bottom of the globe?



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