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Most lawn mowers are gasoline powered, and have a horizontally rotating twin cutter. Some models discharge the grass clippings to the ground; others collect them in a bag or box fixed to the back of the lawn mower. Walk-behind lawn mowers will typically have a cutting width of between 18 inches and 20 inches. Ride-on lawn mowers may have cutting widths of 42 inches or more. Their wider cutting width, coupled with faster speed across the ground, gives much greater overall cutting speed compared to a walk-behind lawn mower.


Electric lawn mowers are also available. These may be corded, or cordless. Cordless lawn mowers have a battery, which can be charged up overnight. They typically can cut up to a third of an acre when fully charged.


The most environmentally friendly type of lawn mower is the cylinder push mower. This uses no fuel and produces no pollution. 




The following leading lawn mower manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of lawn mowers, including online catalogs, designs and specifications for lawn mowers, and care and maintenance of lawn mowers.


Honda: Lawn Mowers. Honda, headquartered in Japan, is a leading manufacturer of residential and commerical lawn mowers. Honda lawn mowers have horizontally rotating twin cutter blades, and collect the grass clippings in a flexible bag mounted at the back of the lawnmower. They are powered by four-stroke gasoline enignes. Features include up to seven height adjustments, and ability to control the speed from the handlebars. Engines are low emission, and are compliant with EPA and CARB emission standards. The 21 inch cutting deck is made from rust-free Nexite.


Black & Decker: Lawn Mowers. Black & Decker specialises in electric lawn mowers, which may be corded or cordless. Both types have horizontally rotating twin cutters, which may be 18 inches or 19 inches in diameter. Some models have a bag or box attached to the back of the lawnmower for collecting the grass clippings. The Black & Decker cordless lawn mower has a 24 volt sealed lead acid battery, capable when fully charge of cutting up to a third of an acre of lawn. Grass conditions will affect running time. The battery will charge fully within 10 hours.


Lawn-Boy: Lawn Mowers. Lawn-Boy, based in Bloomington, Minnesota,  was founded in 1934 by Ole Evinrude the engineer responsible for developing the world's first outboard motor. It is a leading manufacturer of gasoline powered walk-behind and ride-on lawn mowers. Its Insight Platinum walk-behind lawn mower is available in a choice of Honda, Briggs & Stratton, or Tecumseh engines. It has a 21 inch cast aluminium cutting deck, and a rear-mounted, side discharge, bag for collecting grass clippings. Its Precision ride-on lawn mower has a two cylinder Honda engine, and a 42 inch cutting width.



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