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LED lighting is a kind of solid state lighting that uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) as the illumination source instead of electrical filaments or gas. LEDs are usually formed into clusters for domestic or commercial lighting purposes.   LEDs may also be used in combination with fiber optics to produce decorative lighting effects for both interior and exterior architectural use. The use of LED lighting enables colours to be continuously changed for striking decorative effects. LED lighting is both more reliable and less energy consuming than conventional filament bulbs. It is available both for direct connection to mains voltage, but also in low voltage, usually 12V, form.




The following leading LED lighting suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, designs, colors and materials.


The LED Light. The LED Light, based in Carson City, Nevada, is a specialist online retailer of LED lighting equipment. The LED Light website includes the following product categories: High Output LED Light Bulbs, 12VDC LED Light Bulbs, 12 inch Under Cabinet LED Lights, 49 inch Display Case LED Lights, Waterproof Rigid Bar LED Light, Xtreme Linear LED Light, Edurasol LED Strips for Under Cabinet Lighting, Pirhana Enclosed LED Light Bar, Night Reader LED Lamp, New Libra High Power LED Desk Lamp, 12 inch Rigid White and Colored LED Light Strips,  and 14 inch Flexible LED Light Strips.


Wiedamark. Wiedamark is a specialist supplier of fiber optic and LED lighting which has been operating since 2003 and is based in Dallas, Texas. The Wiedamark website carries the following product categories: Color Kinetics, LED Products, Fiber Optic Lighting, Light Fixtures, LED Bulbs, DF & Club Lighting, and own brand products. Applications sections cover: Neon Alernatives, Submersible Lighting, Illuminated Furniture, LED Wall Washing, and Event Lighting. Other sections cover: Photo Gallery, Wiedamark Reviews, Wiedeamark Videos, News and Fiber Optic LightingTutorials.


Advanced Lighting Systems. Advanced Lighting Sysems, based in Sauk Center, Minnesota, is a leading supplier of fiber optic and LED lighting. A subsidiary of Nexxus Lighting, it specialises in architectural applications. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Fiber Optic LED Lighting, LED Lighting, Fiber Optic Curtains, and LED Strip Lighting. Product categories include: LED Fixtures, LED Controllers, Fiber Optic Cable, Fiber Optic Fixtures, Fiber Optic Illuminators, Fiber Optic Curtains, Star Field Kits, Trim-Tex, LED Neon Replacement Sign Lighting, and Fiber Optic Accessories.


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