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There are three main types of locking mailbox: residential locking mailboxes, residential locking drop boxes, and multiple locking mailboxes for apartments.

Residential locking mailboxes are available in a wide variety of styles and materials, including aluminium, steel, and brass. They protect against theft and vandalism. Withdrawal of mail requires a key, but the postman does not require a key.


Residential locking drop boxes provide high capacity and large opening, to receive packages as well as letters. They can store several months of residential mail if required. They are normally mounted directly onto the ground, and do not require a post or masonry column.


Locking boxes for apartments are supplied in rectangular arrays. They may be installed through-the-wall, so that mail can be delivered to the outside of the mailbox, and can be retrieved using keys from within the building




The following leading locking mail box manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of locking mail boxes, including online catalogs, colors and materials for locking mail boxes, and care and maintenance of locking mail boxes.


Mail Boss: Locking Security Mailboxes. Mail Boss, a division of Epoch Design, is based in Redmond, Washington. It has been manufacturing secure locking mailboxes since 2006, featuring commercial-grade galvanized steel construction. Mail Boss mailboxes are normally secured with a 43 inch in-ground steel post, buried in the ground and secured with concrete. A surface mount system is also available. The mail box product range includes: Curbside Mailboxes, Wall Mount Mailboxes, Multi-Unit Package Deals, Mounting Posts, Spreader Bars for multiple mail boxes, and Base Plates.


Janzer. Janzer, based in Trenton, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial mailboxes, including locking mailboxes. Janzer supplies decorative residential mailboxes in both locking and non-locking form. It also supplies multi-mount post mailboxes in locking and non-locking form. Related products include address plaque markers and solar accent lighting. Janzer offer a secure locking Mail and Package Drop Box, which is large enough to store several months of mail. They do not require a post or masonry column, as they fix directly to the ground.


Charnstrom. Charnstrom, based in Shakopee, Minnesota, is a leading manufacturer of mail handling equipment, including locking mailboxes. The Charnstrom range of mail boxes includes: Apartment Style Mailboxes, Commercial Mailboxes, Commercial Cluster Mailboxes, Heavy Duty Mailboxes, Locking Mailboxes, Mail Collection Boxes, Interoffice Mailboxes, Outdoor Mailboxes, Private Mailboxes, Recessed Mailboxes, Residential Mailboxes, and Wall Mounted Mailboxes. Charnstrom also supplies: Mail Sorters, Mail Carts, Mail Bags, Hampers & Movers, Lockers & Shelving, and Mailroom Furniture.


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