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Log siding is a decorative finish which can be applied to new or existing homes to give them the appearance of a log house. Normally made from cedar or pine, log siding can be fixed to the exterior wall like normal lap siding. It can also be used on interior walls. The more sophisticated type of log siding has a criss-crossing corner feature, giving the appearance of real interlocking logs.


The simple forms of siding have no special form at the corner, requiring a vertical corner piece of siding to be applied. Manufacturers claim that siding has two advantages over real solid log houses. Firstly it is much cheaper. Secondly, because it can be applied to conventional hollow wall construction, it remains easy to run wiring, pipes, and ducts within the thickness of the wall. This cannot be done with true log houses.


As an alternative to wood siding, vinyl log-look siding is available. This is finished in a colored wood look, and usually has insulating foam fixed to the back of the curved vinyl surface.



Modulog. Modulog Solid Cedar Siding, based in Portland, Oregon, is a leading supplier of log siding. Modulog can be applied to existing or new homes, to give a log house appearance. Made from cedar, Modulog siding is applied like ordinary wood lap siding, and gives the rustic log look. Modulog siding has a patented criss-crossing corner system, which gives the overlapping look of a real log home. Modulog log siding can be installed directly over brick, stucco or many types of flat panel and lap siding. In addition to exterior use, it can also be applied as siding to interior walls.


Michigan PreStain. Michigan PreStain, based in Wyoming, Michigan, specialises in the supply of pre-stained wood siding, including log-type siding. Michigan PreStain claims that factory staining costs about half the amount of field staining, and has several advantages. Michigan PreStain Dura-Log is made from hand selected pine. 'Half-log' milling includes s small reveal that creates a shadow line giving an authentic log house effect. Dura-Log siding can be fixed to inside and outside walls. Conventional construction allows simple running of wiring and plumbing within the thickness of the wall.


Town & Country Cedar Products. Town & Country Products, which is based in Boyne Falls, Michigan, is a manufacturer of Northern White Cedar log siding. The company kiln dries and mills its log siding. The sapwood is removed during milling, which leaves only the durable heartwood. This able to last for generations. Northern White Cedar has a closed cell structure, similar to cork. It is this structure, combined with the wood's natural oils, that provide protection against mold and mildew. Customer tours of the mill and production buildings can be arranged.


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