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There are two main types of mailbox: single residential boxes, and multiple boxes for use in apartments and commercial premises. Single residential mailboxes may be made of steel, aluminium, or timber, and are usually mounted on a post which is concreted into the ground. Many residential mailboxes feature an indicator flag which can be manually set, and which shows whether mail has been delivered. Multiple boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, including those which can accept mail from outside the building, but can be opened from within the building. 


For those wishing to make a more individual statement, novelty residential mail boxes are also available, in the shapes of dogs, cats, tropical birds, farm animals, wild animals, cars, trains, and aeroplanes.




The following leading mail box manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of mail boxes, including online catalogs, colors and materials for mail boxes, and care and maintenance.


Charnstrom. Charnstrom, based in Shakopee, Minnesota, is a leading manufacturer of mail handling equipment, including mail boxes. The Charnstrom range of mail boxes includes: Apartment Style, Commercial Cluster, Heavy Duty, Locking, Mail Collection Boxes, Interoffice, Outdoor, Private Boxes, Recessed Boxes, Residential, and Wall Mounted. Charnstrom also supplies: Mail Sorters, Mail Carts, Mail Bags, Hampers & Movers, Lockers & Shelving, and Mailroom Furniture.


Postal Products Unlimited. Postal Products Unlimited, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of mail boxes. It specialises in the supply of 4C Horizontal Boxes, which since October 2006 have been mandatory on all new construction projects. The 4C Mail Boxes are approved by the US Postal Service, are made from high strength and stainless steel, have a flush surface design with concealed hinges, have a double wall door design, and have four locking points including the hinge side. The outgoing mail slot has a saw tooth guard to prevent mail being fished out.


The Mail House. The Mail House, which is based in Mokena, Illinois, and has been established since 1981, makes house-shaped mail boxes out of Western Red Cedar. Various designs are available, all taking the form of a small house with a chimney. The indicator flag is incorporated in the chimney. All hinges are in brass, with handles in wood or brass. Some designs feature miniature four-paned windows. All Mail House mail boxes are shipped unstained. Four different timber post designs are available, each of which has a decorative bracket. House numbers and stains are also supplied.


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