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Metal awnings range in size from small awnings to protect residential doors and windows, up to large industrial awnings over loading docks. The smaller metal awnings are designed to be decorative, as well as providing some shade and protection from the elements. They are usually made of powder coated aluminum or copper. Large commerical and industrial metal awnings have a purely practical purpose of providing rain shelter. They usually have a steel structure, with coated steel or aluminum covering.

Retractable awnings are also available. These are constructed from interlocking aluminum slats, which can roll up when required and can be fitted to exterior doors. 

The leading manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Kool. Kool Metal Awnings is a specialist manufacturer of awnings, based in Santa Clara, California. It awnings, which are fabricated from aluminum, are suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Its residential product range includes Patio & Carport Metal Awnings, Free-Standing Aluminum Covers, Screen Enclosures, Metal Window Awnings and Door Hoods, and Aluma-Wood Patio Structures. Its commercial range includes: Free-Standing Awnings, Dock Covers, Attached Awnings, Metal Walk-Way Covers, and Retail Aluminum Window Coverings.


Eide Industries. Eide Industries, based in Cerritos, California, is a custom manufacturer of shade structures, awnings, canopies, and tension structures. It specializes in complex and difficult commercial, government, and prototype design. Its range of awnings covers both industrial and residential applications. Its industrial range of awnings is made of painted aluminum. Its residential range comprises rigid awnings designed to protect doors and windows. The awning surface is made from powder coated corrugated aluminium. A retractable version is available.


WeldDoneDesign. WeldDoneDesign, based in Carencro, Louisiana, is a specialist family-owned manufacturer of metal window awnings for residential and commercial applications. Its product range includes copper and steel concave awnings and copper hoods. Quotations can be provided over the telephone, or through email with some very basic measurements. Copper Awnings are made from 16 oz copper with standing seams; this will patina naturally or can be treated to patina immediately. A color chart for steel awnings is provided on the website.


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