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Metal shingles are available in steel, aluminum and copper. They are an alternative to traditional shingle materials such as wood, slate, and tile. Metal shingles have the advantage of being light in weight. Compared to wood shingles they are fire resistant. They can be provided with texture and coloring which makes them virtually indistinguishable from traditional shingle materials. Metal shingles resist mildew, splitting, cracking, curling and rotting. They are also often made from recycled materials. They tend to reflect sun rays back and reduce overall cooling needs in the house. Because they transfer heat evenly across the roof they tend to help snow melt.


The core of a steel shingle is usually made of aluminum, tin or fiberglass. It is shaped using a mold, aand is then sprayed with steel powder coating or is dip coated in stainless steel. A steel roof should last for at least 50 years if properly maintained.



Vail Metal Systems: Metal Shingles. Vail Metal Shingles are distributed in the USA by Custom-Bilt Metals, based in Chino California. Vail Metal Shingles are supplied in copper, steel, or aluminum. Custom-Bilt Metals also supplies Standing Seam Metal Roofing, Aluminum Shakes, Corrugated Panels, Rain Gutters, and Wall and Soffit Panels. Vail metal shingles offer a lightweight roofing solution which can withstand heavy snow, extreme heat, and high winds. A concealed fastening system secures the shingles to the roof deck without penetrating the shingle.


Classic Metal Roofing Systems: Metal Shingles. Classic Metal Roofing Systems, based in Piqua, Ohio, supplies four types of metal shingle: Rustic metal shingles, Oxford metal shingles, ClickLock Premuim metal shingles, and Country Manor Shake metal shingles. Rustic metal shingles have a deep wood grain texture, replicating the look of real wood. Oxford metal shingles have a smoother surface. ClickLock Premium metal shingles provide a contemporary look, with long sections separated by narrow seams. Country Manor Shake metal shingles lock together on all sides to form a weather tight seal.


Tamko: Metal Shingles. Tamko, based in Joplin, Missouri, is a manufacturer of steel metal shingles under the Metalworks brand name. They have a four way locking system, and carry a 50 year limited warranty. Metalworks metal shingles are available in three styles imitating slate, wood, and tile. A wide range of colors is available, including Cool Colors. These are energy-efficient roofing system colors, which have been rated as such by the Cool Roof Rating Council. Tamko also supplies commercial roofing, cements & coatings, decking & railing, waterproofing, and driveway products.



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