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Metal siding is an alternative to traditional wood siding, as are cement fiber and plastic siding. Metal siding is available in three main materials: aluminum, steel, and stainless steel. Aluminum siding is lightweight and easy to fix; it is available in a wide range of powder coated color finishes. Complementary aluminum soffits and trim are available. Steel metal siding is more robust, but is liable to rust if the protective coating is penetrated. The most durable type of protective coating for steel metal siding is an oven-fused PVC finish.


The most durable type of siding is stainless steel. This is particularly suited to highly corrosive industrial environments. Stainless steel roofing and decking is also available for corrosive environments.



Corrugated Metals. Corrugated Metals Inc, which is headquartered in Belvidere, Illinois, makes corrugated metal cladding including aluminum siding. Applications for its aluminum siding include: rail car roofing, disaster relief facilities, construction roofing and wall panels, livestock trailer walls, and mill buildings. Sizes for panels range up to 63 inches wide, with a wide range of thicknesses of aluminum. In addition to supplying high quality corrugated aluminum siding, Corrugated Metals Inc supplies custom roll form shapes and corrugated metal decking. 


Unitied States Seamless. United States Seamless, which is headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, manufactures seamless steel siding. Its steel siding is available in a wood grain texture, and in a choice of seven colors, including Birch White, Sandalwood, and darker colors including Chestnut and Rustic Oak. The only upkeep that is required is an occasional hosing down of the house with water. The steel siding is protected with a ceramic hybrid paint, with added DuPont Teflon surface protector. Cool Paint Technology can also be supplied; this has infrared reflective pigments designed to provide improved energy efficiency.


Rollex: Metal Siding. Rollex, based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, specialises in roll forming and extrusion of metals. It has been a maker of metal building materials, including steel siding, since the early 1950s. Rollex steel siding is supplied with an oven-fused PVC finish to safeguard the surface from scratches and dents. The profiles provide tight seams, and minimise buckling and warping. Rollex Steel Siding is supplied in a choice of twenty four colors. Rollex offers a soffit system, and color-matched rainware. Rollex encourages re-cycling, and processes millions of pounds of re-cycled steel each year.


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