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The first neon sign originated in Paris in 1912, where it was sold to a barber by Jaques Fonseque, an associate of inventor Georges Claude. Neon signs are luminous tube signs which contain neon or other inert gases such as argon, krypton, xenon or helium.


Neon signs are mainly used commercially, but may also be bought as a decorative item for the home. Neon signs may be custom made, or may be bought as standard items for display within a shop window. Neon signs have traditionally been particularly popular for promoting beer and bars. Popular home neon signs include baseball, football, and basketball designs.




The following leading neon sign suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of neon signs, including online catalogs, colors and designs for neon signs.


Fire House Neon Signs. Fire House Neon Signs, based in Stockbridge, Michigan, supplies a wide range of illuminated signs for home and business use, including neon signs and neon lights. Its home range of neon signs covers: Custom Neon Signs, Bar Neon Signs, Fire Fighter Neon Signs, College Neon Signs, Beer Neon Signs, Neon Sculptures, NBA Neon Signs, MLB Neon Signs, NFL Neon Signs, and Military Neon Signs and Clocks. Business neon signs are available for many types of business, including Automotive, Billiards, Cigars, Clothing, Dentist, Locksmith, Martial Arts, Pet Shop, and Tattoo.


Neon Design A-Sign. Neon Design A-Sign Inc, based in Laguna Niguel, California, has been supplying signs of all kinds, including neon lights and signs, since 1982. Its range of neon signs includes: Open Neon Signs, ATM Neon Signs, Indoor Neon Signs, Outdoor Neon Signs, MLB Baseball Neon Signs, NFL Football Neon Signs, NBA Basketball Neon Signs, College Neon Signs, All Sports Neon Signs, Beer Neon Signs, and Low Voltage Neon Signs. Miscellaneous neon signs include: Income Tax E File, Piercing, Plus Size, Real Estate, Yoga, Psychic Reader, Real Estate, Rugs, and Motel.



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