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There are two main types of patio awning. The most common type is supported by projecting folding arms, and consists of fabric which rolls up when retracted. This type of awning can be motorized. Optional features include rain sensors, wind sensors, and remote controls. 


The other type of patio awning is draped over horizontal rods which slide away from the house on horizontal runners. This has the advantage that it can be opened and closed very easily, without power assistance. Also, being horizontal, it provides good headroom. However the folded material does take up some space, and the framework remains in place when the awning is retracted.




The following leading patio awning manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of patio awnings, including online catalogs, colors and materials for patio awnings, and care and maintenance of patio awnings. Please see also our product guides for Window Awnings and Metal Awnings.


Durasol Patio Awnings. Durasol Systems, based in Middletown, New York, is a leading manufacturer of custom made motorized patio awnings. It has a 100,000 square feet modern production space. It supplies three product ranges: Retractable Deck & Patio Awnings, Solar Screens, and Retractable Window Awnings. Retractable Window Awnings are available in two designs: a simple rectangular roll-up patio awning, and a European-style folding window awning. Roll-up awnings are available in widths of up to thirty feet, with projections from two to five feet.


Marygrove: Patio Awnings. Marygrove is a family company which has been manufacturing awnings since 1933. It has showrooms in Detroit Michigan, Houston Texas, and Toledo Ohio. The Marygrove product range covers: Retractable Awnings, Stationary Awnings, Window Shades, and Commercial Awnings. Marygrove is able to supply awnings for difficult or unusual applications, such as awnings for bay windows, and roof mounted awnings where there is insufficient high for conventional fixing. The Marygrove showrooms offer a computer based simulation of the finished awning, with colours changeable at the click of a button. Patio Awnings. is a family business, based in Miami Gardens, Florida, which has been operating since 1990. It specializes in the manufacture and online sale of retractable patio awnings and sun protection systems. Its product range comprises: Lateral Arm Retractable Awnings, Patio Cover Retractable System, Canopy Retractable Awnings, Side Arm Retractable Awnings, and Vertical Drop Retractable Awnings. When retracted, the patio awning rolls into a 9" square housing without a hood, or a 11" housing with a bullnose hood.


ShadeTree: Patio Awnings. ShadeTree is a division of fabric mill Glen Raven Mills, based in North Carolina. ShadeTree patio awnings operate on an overhead track system that supports a broad choice of decorative awnings. The awning fabric rides on cross members that contain roller that glide on the overhead track. They can be extended in seconds, with an ease similar to that of closing window drapes. The awnings are available in two widths: 5'4" and 4'2". They can be used in modules to cover any width. They can extend up to 20 feet from the house, and can odd shaped areas.



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