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There is a wide choice of patio lights and lighting, in traditional and contemporary styles. Some are ceiling hung, or fitted to walls. Others can be installed at low level, as grill patio lights, recessed patio lights, or light bollards.


The International Dark Sky Association certifies approved patio light fittings as 'Dark Sky Friendly' if they are suitably designed to minimise light pollution.


Patio lights and lighting may use mains voltage, or may use a transformer and low voltage. The latter is safer, and requires smaller wires. Some exterior lighting uses halogen bulbs, allowing for smaller fittings.




The following leading patio lights and lighting suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of patio lighting, including online catalogs, colors and materials for patio lighting, and care and maintenance of patio lighting.


Outback Patio. Outback Patio has been operating as an online retailer of patio furniture and equipment, including patio lights, since 1998. The section of its website on patio lights covers the following categories: Ceiling Mounted Patio Lights, Halogen Patio Lights, Hanging Patio Lights, Landscape Lights, Motion Sensor Lights, Outdoor Lighting Accessories, Post Mounted Patio Lights, Solar Patio Lights, and Wall Mounted Patio Lights. The Outback Patio website also contains articles on patio topics, including Patio Pest Control, Ponds, Bird Feeders, Bird Houses, and Feng Shui Tips.


Starry Night Lights. Starry Night Lights, based in Park City, Utah, is a lighting retailer dedicated to fighting light pollution. Its patio are designed to minimise light spillage and light pollution. Its range includes products which have been certified as 'Dark Sky Friendly' by the International Dark Sky Association. Product categories include: Wall Sconces, Outdoor Wall Lanterns, Outdoor Light Shades, Landscape Lighting, Deck & Pathway Lighting, Recessed Patio Lights, Post Top Patio Lights, Sign Lights, Address Lights, Motion Sensors, Architectural Lighting, and Patio Lighting Bollards.


Lightology. Lightology, based in Chicago, Illinois, is a leading retailer of contemporary lighting fixtures, including patio lights and lighting. Its website has a comprehensive section on patio lights and lighting, covering: Patio Bollard Lights, Patio Ceiling Flush Lights, Outdoor Deck Lighting, Patio Grill Lights, Landscape Lighting, Post Lights, Recessed Patio Ground Lights, Suspension Patio Lights, Patio Track Lighting, and Patio Wall Lights. Other sections cover Hot Deals, New Products, Energy Efficient Lighting, and an Installation Gallery.



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