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Pellet stoves have moving parts, which feed the wood pellets into the burner. This makes them relative complex compared to a conventional wood stove. The advantage is that they can be left unattended for long periods. This disadvantage is that they do require more maintenance.


Pellet stoves may be top fed or bottom fed. The top fed pellet stove has a reduced risk of the fire burning back into the pellet hopper, but is more liable to become jammed. For this reason some makers of top fed pellet stoves recommend the use of high-grade low-ash pellets.


Pelletized wood is the most common fuel for pellet stoves. Many pellet stoves will burn a variety of pellets, including those made from grain, corn, seeds, or wood chips




The following leading pellet stove manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of pellet stoves, including online catalogs, designs and materials for pellet stoves, and care and maintenance of pellet stoves. Please see also our product guide for Coal Stoves.


Harman Stove Company. Harman Stove Company, based in Halifax, Pennsylvania, is a leading US manufacturer of stoves including wood stoves. It supplies stoves designed to burn pellets, wood, coal, gas, and corn. The Harman XXV Pellet Stove produces 50,000 BTUs. The wood stove has automatic ignition, venting choices, automatic temperature control, and a large ash can. It is available in the following colors: Black, Charcoal, Goldenfire Brown, Honeyglo Brown, Forest Green, Mojave Red, and Metallic Blue. Harman also offers a version of its pellet stove adapted to burn corn.


Dell-Point. Dell-Point is a Canadian manufacturer of pellet stoves. Its stoves run on wood pellets, shelled corn, and hulled wheat. A press of a button adapts the stove to the chosen fuel. The stoves produce between 8,500 and 34,000 BTUs per hour. The incorporate an automatic ash removal system, and have a built-in 12v battery backup. A hopper on the back of the stove can hold up to 60 lbs of fuel, which is then automatically fed to the combustion chamber, depending on the amount of heat required. The pellet stoves are fitted with blowers which force hot air out into the room through a heat exchanger on the front of the stove.


Nevles Stoves. Nevels Stoves, based in Kent, Washington, supplies a wide range of stoves including pellet stoves and pellet inserts. It supplies Breckwell and Osburn pellet stoves. The Breckwell range comprises seven pellet stoves, including a multi-fuel model capable of burning wood pellets or corn. This has a hopper which can hold up to 90lbs of dried corn. The Breckwell Big E Pellet Stove has a hopper holding 140 lbs of pellets; an optional hopper extension adds 210 lbs of pellets, creating a total capacity of 350 lbs. The Big E Pellet Stove has 13 heat exchanger tubes, and produces 50,000 BTUs. The pellet stove is fully automatic, with five heat level settings, and ball bearing combustion and convection fans. 



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