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Pet Doors are inserted into doors or walls to allow dogs and cats to leave and enter the house at will. They are usually made of aluminium, vinyl, or steel, and have magnetic catches to prevent them from swinging in the wind. Some have adjustable magnetic pull, to facilitate training. More sophisticated pet doors have electronic sensors and and electronic transmitter which can be attached to the collar of the pet. This allows only that pet to enter the door, thus keeping out stray and intruding pets.




The leading manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials for, and care and maintenance.


Moore Pet Supplies. Moore Pet Supplies, of La Crosse, Wisconsin, is an online vendor of dog supplies including doors for pets. Its website is organized into the following sections: Door Mounted Doors, Wall Mounted Doors, Electronic & Automatic Doors, Custom Made Doors, Patio Doors, Window Mounted Doors, French Door Mounted Doors, Kennel Doors, Storm Doors, Screen Doors, Porch Mounted Doors, Overhead Garage Doors, and Replacement Flaps for Doors. Manufacturers include: MaxSeal, Ideal, Staywel, DogWalk, and PetSafe.


Pet Doors USA. This company is an online supplier of dog and cat doors, based in Bradenton, Florida. Its website is organized into the following main parts: Best Doors, Inexpensive Doors, Better Quality Doors, Doors for Patio Doors, Better Quality Patio Panels, Electronic Doors, Replacement Parts for Doors, Cat/Toy Specials, Dog/Toy Specials. There are sections on Measuring Your Pet, Frequently Asked Questions, Training Your Pet, and Locating an Installer. There is also a section of useful Dog & Cat Links.


Patio Pacific. Patio Pacific, based in San Luis Obispo, California, is a specialist online supplier of doors for pets. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Sliding Glass Door Doors, Through Glass Doors, Sash Window Doors, Door Mounted Doors, Wall Mounted Doors, Screen Mounted Doors, Instant Screen Doors, Flaps & Parts for Doors, Electronic Panels, Electronic Door Mats, and Custom Dimensions. The Endura flap, manufactured from aluminium, provides variable magnet strength to increase wind resistance or to reduce closing strength during training.


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