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Pocket Doors are doors which slide into the thickness of a wall. They are extremely space saving, and do not obstruct any wall space. They need special sliding door gear, which is designed to be removable without damaging the wall. Pocket door systems are available for a wide range of sizes and weights of door. They need special handles, which are recessed into the door, to enable the door to slide away. Small pocket doors may also be used as cupboard doors, particularly in entertainment centers holding TV and music systems.




These doors are very difficult and expensive to install into existing properties; we advise that they be considered only for new properties, or where a new wall is being built inside an existing property.


Double doors between living rooms


The most common and successful use of these doors is to provide double doors between two living rooms. This enables the rooms to be closed off as two separate living spaces, or to be combined as a single space for entertainment. The advantage of such doors over conventional hinged double doors is that by sliding away into the thickness of the walls they avoid taking up space in either room; they also avoid covering up wall space, thus allowing the whole of the walls on both sides of the door to be used for hanging pictures. With the doors slid open the feel is of a single space, with air and light flowing freely between the two rooms.


For contemporary style properties we would recommend flat surfaced doors, either painted or with wood veneer. For traditional style, the doors can be provided in a frame and panel style, to match the traditional design of the other doors in the building.


Special door handles


For maximum effect, the doors can slide right back into the wall, so only their edge is exposed. This requires the use of a special door pull handle which can be fitted into the edge of the door. This has a handle which can swing out or can be folded into the door.




The leading suppliers selected by Abacus Construction Index, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of doors and hardware, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.

Johnson Hardware. Johnson Hardware, based in Elkhart, Indiana, is a leading manufacturer of sliding and pocket door hardware. It offers a range of heavy duty door frames and frame kits. These are designed to fit doors into standard 2x4 stud walls. They have an aluminium track which can be removed without damaging the wall. The 3-wheel door hangers are self-leveling, and self adjusting floor brackets compensate for uneven floors. The steel wrapped uprights are of ridged construction, and avoid nail penetration. The Johnson Hardware website is organised into the following sections: Door Hardware, Wall Mouth Sliding Door Hardware, Sliding Bypass Door Hardware, Sliding Multi-Pass Door Hardware, Bi-Folding Door Hardware, and Multi-Folding Hardware. Illustrated articles are included, giving installations instructions for all types of sliding door.


Knape & Vogt. Knape & Vogt, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, supplies lightweight pocket door hardware suitable for use in entertainment centers. It has been manufacturing hardware and storage systems for over 100 years. Its main product categories include: Drawer Slides, Wall-Attached Shelving Units, and specialty hardware products including fasteners, catches, and pulls for sliding doors. Its Medium Duty Door System is designed for use on doors weighing up to 30 pounds and with a maximum height of 42 inches and width of 24 inches. Other products supplied by Knape & Vogt include: Drawer Slides, Entertainment Center Hardware, Kitchen & Bath Storage, Shelving, Closet Hardware, Ergonomic Workspace Solutions, and Specialty Hardware. The company conforms to ISO 9001 standards in all its operations.


Rejuvenation: Door Pulls. Rejuvenation, of Portland, Oregon, is an online supplier of classic American lighting and house parts. Its product range of pocket door hardware includes a wide range of antique and reproduction door pulls. It supplies online, and via stores in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington. All the Rejuvenation door pulls are designed to be recessed into the sliding door. The antique door pulls are in brass or copper, and some have intricate decoration. The reproduction door pulls are circular or rectangular, and are finished in lacquered brass or brushed nickel. Complete Door Sets are available, including backplate and mortise lock with retractable edge pull. Door Sets may be ordered with the same finish on both side, or with different finishes on each side. Other products supplied by Rejuvenation include: Shelves, Hooks, Drawer Pulls, Heat Vents, and Grilles.




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