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Portable buildings are manufactured in factory conditions, and are delivered to site as complete buildings. Compared to a traditional building, portable buildings have the advantages of factory level quality, less material waste, and quicker delivery. Larger portable buildings are steel framed, with wall panels made of traditional building materials such as wall panel or ribbed steel. Roofs are usually covered with an EPDM synthetic rubber roofing sheet.


Portable buildings may be free standing, or may be constructed as additions to existing buildings such as schools or offices. They may also be stacked two or more storeys high.


Specialist portable buildings are available as emergency shelters for disaster relief, and to withstand high winds and extreme conditions.




Morgan Portable Buildings. Morgan Portable Buildings, headquartered in Dallas Texas, is a family business which has been manufacturing portable buildings since 1961. It has five manufacturing facilities across the USA producing portable buildings range from single offices or classrooms up to multiple building campus complexes. Morgan also supplies portable buildings to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the US military. The retail and residential section of the website covers portable storage buildings, garages, shops, cabins, guard houses, and all-steel portable buildings.


Global Portable Buildings. Global Portable Buildings, based in Santa Rosa, California, is a leading manufacturer of new, multi-purpose portable buildings. It has three manufacturing plants in Asia. Its website covers three main types of portable building structures: Portable Buildings, Portable Storage, and Disaster Relief. Its multi-purpose portable buildings are manufactured from new ISO standard steel containers, which carry a 10-year structural warranty. They require no foundations and no structural assembly. They are suitable for temporary or permanent living quarters, shelters, and field offices.


Premier Modular: Portable Buildings. Premier Modular, based in Orlando, Florida, is a manufacturer of portable and modular buildings. Its portable buildings are delivered to site with construction 90% complete. Their portable buildings are built under factory controlled conditions, and may be free-standing or added to an existing building. Sections of the Premier Modular website cover the following types of portable building: custom modular buildings; educational modular buildings, portable church buildings, and mobile office trailers. Exterior wall finishes include stucco, Hardi-panel, Hardi-plank, and ribbed steel.



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