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Prefabricated bathrooms are increasingly used for repetitive applications, such as hotels and student accommodation. They are entirely constructed off-site, and are delivered fully fitted. They speed the construction process, and can offer very high standard of work, since the fitting out is done under controlled factory conditions.

There are several types of prefabricated bathroom, made from concrete, steel sandwich, and glass fiber reinforced plastic. The concrete bathrooms are the most durable, and can have a wide variety of marble or ceramic internal finishes. The steel sandwich and glass fiber bathrooms have the advantage of lighter weight.

The leading manufacturers of prefabricated bathrooms, listed below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with product catalogs and details of materials and construction for prefabricated bathrooms.


European Ensuites is a leading supplier of prefabricated bathroom pods, most of which are manufactured in Europe. The range includes concrete bathrooms manufactured in Italy, which can have fine ceramic, marble and stone internal finish. These are used, for example, in luxury hotel projects. European Ensuites supplies prefabricated bathrooms from Deba, the leading French supplier of glass reinforced plastic bathrooms. It also supplies lightweight steel sandwich panel bathrooms, manufactured in Germany.

RB Farquhar is a leading supplier of fully finished prefabricated bathroom pods and shower pods for the UK construction industry. Hotels are already heavy users, with increasing use of prefabricated bathrooms in residential, student, and healthcare accommodation. The pod's welded steel frame gives rigidity during installation and in final location. Floorless pods can be used to overcome height and construction challenges, eg timber frame or existing buildings. Internally, the pod is lined and fully furnished to client's specification, with the external cladding fixed by the main contractor directly onto the frame.

Lead period from placement of order is 12-14 weeks for standard prefabricated bathrooms, and 18-20 weeks if a prototype is required. It is possible to fast track orders as quickly as 8 weeks. Key worker and student accommodation pods can start at 450kg in weight. Typically, RB Farquhar prefabricated bathrooms weigh between 1 and 1.5 tonnes. This is less than half the weight of an equivalent concrete prefabricated bathroom. During transport, prefabricated bathrooms are protected by a 1000 gauge visqueen sheet draped over the pod roof; the pod is then enclosed in an 800 gauge shrink wrap bag.


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