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Radiator covers may be made of wood or steel. They have two purposes: decorative and practical. The decorative purpose is to improve the appearance of the room by hiding the hot water radiators. As a side benefit they can provide a useful shelf above the radiator. The practical purpose is to protect people, particularly children, from injury by touching very hot radiators. Baseboard radiator covers are specially designed to cover low-level baseboard radiators. Radiator covers usually have front-mounted grills to encourage the circulation of the hot air within the room.


Covers are available in a wide range of sizes from 15 inches to 96 inches wide, and from 22 inches to 40 inches high.




There are two main considerations: the functional and the decorative.


Functional aspects


The key functional considerations are that the cover should allow the heat from the radiator to be transmitted efficiently into the room, and that the radiator controls should be easily accessible. An advantage of using a pre-fabricated cover from a specialist supplier is that these considerations will have been taken into account. If you are fitting a purpose-designed cover, it is important to ensure that the whole of the front is covered with an open grill or mesh to allow the warm air to circulate freely. It is also important to ensure that there are flaps or removable panels which allow for easy access to the radiator controls.


Decorative aspects


When it comes to decorative considerations, the main choices are the material, the finish, and the style.


The most economical covers are made from painted medium density fiberboard. A more expensive option is medium density fiberboard with a wood veneer finish. The most expensive option, which is also the best looking and most durable, is to make the covers from solid hardwood.


Covers are available in decorative traditional style with moldings, in simple Shaker frame and panel style, and in plain contemporary style. We strongly recommend that covers should be discreet in appearance, blending into the decor of the room as a whole, rather than making any kind of bold statement. This implies that their style should reflect the style of the room as a whole, including the existing doors and windows. Even the best covers are not particularly beautiful, and it is not wise to try to make them a feature of the room. For this reason we would recommend using a discreet front grill, in the same color as the casing of the cover, rather than using a bright metallic grill. This will help the cover to blend into the background of the room.



The following leading manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, and designs, colors and materials.


Beautiful Radiators. Beautiful Radiators, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, manufactures custom radiator covers and cabinets for home heating radiators. The covers are designed to add shelf space, and to protect children from burns from exposure to hot radiators. Grills are offered in a variety of styles, including: Grecian, Victorian, Pre-War, Traditional, Art Deco, Cape Cod, and Colonial. Cloverleaf and Octagonal Cane grill styles are also available. Standard colors are: White, Soft White, Antique, Brown, Gray, and Jet Black. Unlimited custom colors are also available. The Beautiful Radiators website includes an article on Feng Shui, arguing that the design of Beautiful Radiators reflects the Feng Shui objectives of simplicity, flow and harmony. Another article covers the use of covers when restoring bed & breakfast accommodation. In addition to residential covers, Beautiful Radiators supplies commercial covers to government, industrial, and educational premises.


Monarch. Monarch, based in Carlstadt, New Jersey, specialises in the manufacture of steel radiator covers for residential, commercial and industrial use. Monarch steel covers are designed as both a decorative feature, and as a safeguard against children, adults, and pets being burned by exposed radiators. Monarch also supplies baseboard covers. Monarch covers have front-mounted grills to boost the circulation of air into the room, thus improving heating efficiency. Monarch covers have a dust-proof steel back, and factory electrostatic baked enamel finish. This increases heat reflection for greater energy efficiency. Monarch covers are available in a range of sizes from 15 inches to 96 inches long, and with round or square corners. The KD deluxe range of covers is available with round or square corners.


Wolf. Wolf Radiator Enclosures, based in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of solid wood radiator covers. No veneers or MDF are used. Its Mission Style Cover is made from solid quarter sawn oak, which may be treated with a chestnut stain. The cover is insulated to increase radiator efficiency, and has adjustable feet to prevent rocking. Other styles include Traditional, Flat Panel, and designs with drawers and decorative rosettes. Wood choices include red oak, white oak, and cherry, with a wide variety of stains. Also solid birch which may be finished in acrylic enamel. When purchasing custom made covers, a 50% down deposit is payable. The balance of the payment must be received by Wolf prior to shipping the order. A section of the Wolf website provides detailed advice on measuring radiators to ensure a good fit for the cover.


Wooden Radiator Cabinet Company. The Wooden Radiator Cabinet Company, based in Chicago, Illinois, was founded by its owner managers, Tom and Peg Kennedy, in 1990. It specialises exclusively in the manufacture of wooden radiator covers. The Kennedys created the company out of their frustration that they could not find a supplier of reasonably priced wooden covers for their renovated brownstone house in Chicago. Twenty years later, they have sold more than 60,000 radiator covers. Covers from the Wooden Radiator Cabinet Company are available in three styles: Prairie Style, Traditional Style, and Shaker Style. The Shaker Style cover is also available in self-assembly kit form. The wooden covers may be painted or stained. The company also supplies Baseboard Covers for baseboard heaters, and a range of wooden bookcases.




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