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Home heating radiators are normally made of steel, and are available in a wide range of traditional and contemporary designs. To blend in with room decor, most modern designs are made up of flat panel surfaces, which may be either horizontal or vertical. Cast iron radiators in traditional styles are also available. Radiators are heated using hot water from dedicated home heating boilers, which may be powered by fuel oil or gas. So that they can be heated throughout the year, towel warmers may be operated from the normal hot water system that supplies the taps in the house.


For those restoring old properties, there are dealers in antique heating fittings. These may be operated by steam or hot water.




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, and designs, colors and materials. Please see our separate product guide on Radiator Covers. 


A1 Plumbing. A1 Plumbing, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, is a specialist retailer of vintage hot water radiators. The company was founded, and is run, by Fran Fahey, a leading authority on antique plumbing fittings. The product range includes antique models from old brand names including Crane, Mott, and Standard. The website is organised in the following sections: Plain, Ornate, Recessed, Wall Hung, Hot Water, Valves, and Enclosures. Models are available for both hot water and steam heating systems.


Myson. Myson Inc, is part of the Rettig group of companies, headquartered in Finland. The largest manufacturer of steel home heating radiators in Europe, with 4,000 employees, it exports its products to world markets including the USA. The Myson product range includes Column, Decor (with flat panels). Decor designs include: Baseboard Style, Pedestal Style, Vertical Style, and Column Style. Other products include budget and designer Towel Warmers, which are available in Classic, Traditional, and Contemporary styles.


Runtal. Runtal North America is based in Ward Hill, Massachusetts. It is a manufacturer of European-style radiators for home heating systems. Runtal products are designed to operate as part of a closed-loop, forced-hot-water (hydronic) heating system. They heat the room by circulating hot water from a boiler though flat, hollow, tubes. The boiler may operate using home heating oil, natural gas, or LPG propane gas. Runtal products are available in baseboard, wall panel, vertical panel, column, and curved designs. 


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