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The most common type of residential roofing for sloping roofs is shingles. These may be made of slate, asphalt, or wood. Of these, asphalt is the cheapest, but is not as durable as either wood or slate. Metal may also be used as a residential roofing material. Options include aluminum and copper, both of which are usually laid as strip rolls, with upstanding seam joints. Corrugated steel may also be used as a roofing material.


For flat roofs, the most common finish is synthetic rubber, known as EPDM. This can be jointed, but is also available in sheets up to 100 feet long and 50 feet wide, largely eliminating the need for joints. Flat roofs may also be covered in liquid applied asphalt. More unusual types of residential roofing include green roofs and solar shingles. 




The following leading residential roofing manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of residential roofing, including online catalogs, colors and materials for residential roofing, and care and maintenance of residential roofing.


CertainTeed: Asphalt Shingles. CertainTeed is a large North American manufacturer of building materials, headquartered in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. It is owned by the French company Saint Gobain, whose North American operations employ over 20,000 people. CertainTeed is a large manufacturer of roofing materials including asphalt shingles. Its product range includes Luxury Asphalt Shingles, Designer Asphalt Shingles, and Traditional Asphalt Shingles. Three of its popular products are available in a strong fiberglass reinforced version, which can withstand a two inch steel ball, dropped from 20 feet, without damage.


Classic Metal Roofing Systems. Classic Metal Roofing Systems, founded in 1980, is based in Piqua, Ohio. It is a manufacturer of aluminum metal roofing products. Classic Metal Roofing Systems, which have a 4-way interlocking shape, can resist wind speeds of over a hundred miles per hour. Metal roofs are resistant to wild fires. They carry a lifetime limited warranty for the original owner and a forty year transferable warranty for all future owners. The Classic Metal product range includes aluminum metal roof panels that imitate the appearance of rustic shingles and shakes, as well as flat panels. 


Flat Roof Solutions: Rubber Roofing. Flat Roof Solutions is a specialist supplier of residential and smaller commercial applications of EPDM synthetic rubber roofing. Black EPDM is a flexible rubber material which can be used as a roofing membrane. Black EPDM resists long term exposure to water, UV radiation, ozone, and temperature changes. It is made in 45 mil (about the thickness of a dime), 60 mil, and 90 mil. It is available in sheets up to 50 ft wide and 100 ft long, which avoids the need for seams in many cases. The Flat Roof Solutions website contains advice on installation and seaming for rubber roofing.


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