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Rolling Shutters can be retro-fitted to existing windows, or can preferably be built into new construction. They are normally made from interlocking aluminum slats (which may be foam filled) and are held in frames made from foam-filled aluminum extrusions. Rolling shutters provide excellent security, improve insulation against both heat and cold, and protect windows from weather and fading. They may be manually or electrically operated. Electric rolling shutters can have control from a central point, can incorporate timers, and can be linked to weather and light sensors for automated operation. 


The leading manufacturers, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials, and care and maintenance. 




Tucson. Tucson Rolling Shutters, of Tucson, Arizona, is a leading manufacturer of rolling window shutters. Tucson shutters are manufactured from interlocking aluminum slats, housed in an an aluminum frame filled with polyurethane. They are available made to size, in a choice of seven finishes: Gray, White, Cream, Light Beige, Dark Beige, Bronze, and Dark Wood Look. A five year warranty is provided. Tucson Rolling Shutters are electrically operated, with remote controls. They can be linked to timers, and to home automation systems.


AGI Group. AGI Group, of Sarasota, Florida, is a leading manufacturer of window shutters, including rolling window shutters. Roller shutters can cover openings up to 16 ft wide and 15 ft high. They provide improved insulation from heat and cold, as well as excellent security. The shutters are available in four standard colors (white, ivory, beige and bronze) and unlimited custom colors. Operating options include: Manual Strap, Manual Gear, Strap Crank, and Motorization. Motorized systems can be provided with a central control point, and can have remote controls and weather sensors.


Wheatbelt. Wheatbelt Inc., of Hillsboro, Kansas, has been manufactuing rolling window shutters since 1981. The shutters are made with roll formed aluminium with a foam core, or extruded aluminium. They offer protection against sun, wind, cold, leaks, noise, fading, breakage, intruders, and condensation. They use powder coated extrusions and stainless hardware. In addition to rolling window shutters, Wheatbelt makes custom shutters for specialised applications, including doors, skylights, kiosks, serving windows, screen porches, and for inside and outside storage.


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