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Roof drains are drainage fittings which allow water to be carried off flat roofs. They consist of a base, which may be made of copper or cast iron, and a dome strainer, usually made of PVC, which is designed to prevent leaves or debris from entering the drain. Roof drains are normally fitted to the horizontal surface of a flat roof, which may be sealed with liquid applied asphalt or with synthetic rubber roofing material. Special roof drains are also available for fitting through a vertical parapet wall. Sump receivers and deck clamps are also available, for fitting below roof drains.  




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Marathon Roofing Products. Marathon Roofing Products, based in Orchard Park, New York, is a supplier of roofing accessories including roof drains. Its range includes copper drains from Proliner and Coppertite, also aluminum drains from Fast Flow. Drains are available for both retro fit and new build projects. Marathon also supplies drains in PVC and cast iron. Other roofing accessories supplied by Marathon Roofing Products include: Commercial Vents in aluminum and PVC, Strainers, Leaf Guards, Domes, Clamp Posts, and Clamp Rings. Marathon also supplies Paver Support Systems and Safety Rails.


Watts. Watts, based in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is leading North American manufacturer of drainage products including roof drains. Its product range includes: General Purpose Drains, High Volume Drains, Large Area Drains, Drain Specialties, and Small Area Drains. Its high volume drain is made from epoxy coated cast iron with a flashing clamp with integral gravel stop. It has a self-locking polyethylene dome. Watts large area drains are available with sump receiver, adjustable or fixed extension, and deck clamp.


Thunderbird. Thunderbird, based in El Cajun, California, is a manufacturer of copper roof draining systems. Its drains are made with a seamless drain basin constructed from 20oz copper. They are bead blasted for good adhesion, and are sweat soldered. The dome strainer is made from heavy duty ABS Cyclolac. Thunderbird drains are available with built-in overflows, or with separate overflows. An optional gravel stop is also available. In addition to bottom-outlet drains fitted to flat roofs, Thunderbird supplies drains for fitting through vertical parapet walls.


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