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Roof insulation, sometimes known as attic insulation, is usually applied to the floor of an attic, to reduce heat loss. It is the single quickest and cheapest way to reduce energy consumption in a dwelling. Roof insulation may be applied in three forms: as rolls, as flat batts, or as blow-in roof insulation.


Rolls and batts for roof insulation may be made from mineral wool or glass fiber. Blow-in roof insulation, sometimes known as loose fill roof insulation is normally made of fiber glass or cellulose. Cellulose blow-in roof insulation may be made from 80% recycled newspaper, chopped into small pieces. An advantage of blow-in roof insulation is that it can be easily applied right into the corner of the roof, and into narrow and difficult to reach parts of the roof.


It is necessary to take health precautions when handling fiber products such as mineral wool. It is possible to absorb fibers into the body through inhalation; there is also risk of irritating the skin and eyes.




Please also see our product guides on Mineral Wool Insulation and Blow In Insulation.


McNeil Inc. Mc Neil Inc, based in Robbinsville, New Jersey, is a leading supplier of mineral wool insulation. The Mineral Wool Insulation of its website is organized into the following sections: Construction Services, Mineral Wool Insulation for Boilers & Kilns, Refractories, Ceramic Fiber Insulation, Vacuum-Formed Ceramic Fiber, Millboard Mineral Wool Insulation, Fire & Acid Brick, Fiberglass & Silica Textiles, Corrosion Resistant Cements, and High Temperature Gaskets. McNeil mineral wool insulation is available as Boards, Block, and Pipe Insulation.


Applegate Insulation. Applegate Insulation, based in Webberville, Missouri, is a manufacturer of blow in cellulose insulation, made from 80% recycled newsprint treated with fire retardant. The environmental benefit of this type of blow in insulation compared to fiber glass is that it uses one fifth of the energy during manufacture. The Applegate website contains a set of technical articles relevant to blow in insulation. Topics include: Aggregate Insulation Specifications, Material Safety Data Sheet, and Standard Practice for Installing Cellulose Loose Fill Building Insulation.


Owens Corning. Owens Corning, founded in 1938, is a leading manufacturer of fiber glass products including attic insulation. The residential insulation section of the Owens Corning website contains articles on: What is an Insulation System?, What Does an Insulation System Do?, Hiring a Professional Installer, and Tools & Insulation Tips. Its attic insulation products include: Foam Residing Board, Rigid Foam Attic Insulation, Fiber Glass Insulation, Fiber Glass Loosefill Attic Insulation, Attic Stair Insulation, Housewrap, Attic Rafter Vents, and QuietZone Acoustic Batts.


Rock Wool Manufacturing Company. Rock Wool Manufacturing Company was formed in 1943 to make residential blow-in mineral wool insulation. It later expanded into the industrial insulation market, supplying mineral wool bards and insulating cements. It later moved into high temperature mineral wool insulation for pipes. It now specialises in the high temperature mineral wool insulation market. The Rock Wool Manufacturing website is organized into the following main sections: Marine Mineral Wool Insulation, Industrial Mineral Wool Insulation, Commercial Mineral Wool Insulation, and Pipe Insulation.



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