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Traditional roofing tiles are made from fire clay. A wide variety of shapes is available, including interlocking flat tiles and curved tiles giving a more Southern or Mediterranean appearance. Clay tiles are extremely durable, with warranties available of up to 75 years. They are available in a wide range of red, brown, and grey colors. Concrete roofing tiles are an alternative to traditional clay roofing tiles. They are less expensive, and are equally durable. However they do not have the same authentic texture as traditional clay tiles, and do not weather as gracefully. 


Both clay and concrete tiles are available in lightweight versions for use in re-roofing projects where the strength of the structure or local code requires lightweight roofing.




The following leading roofing tile manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials.


Ludowici. Ludowici, based in New Lexington, Ohio, is a leading roofing tile manufacturer. Ludowici was founded in 1888 as the Celadon Terra Cotta Company in Alfred New York. The company is now based in Southeastern Ohio, where it makes and fires tiles using locally mined clay. The product range includes: Flat Shingle, Interlocking Tiles, Interlocking Slate, Interlocking Profile Tiles, Spanish Tiles, Mission Tiles, Tower, Quarry, and Hip & Ridge Tiles. The website includes a Rep Locator, Blend Selector, and Photo Gallery.


Boral Roofing. Boral Roofing was formed form the larges US manufactuers of concrete and clay roof tiles: Monier Lifetile and US Tile. Both companies were founded in the 1960s. The combined company is the largest US manufacturer of premium quality tiles for roofing. In addition to its Standard Weight Tile, MonierLifetile manufactures a Lighweight Tile. This is intended for re-roofing projects in which the roof structure of local codes require that lightweight products are used. The Lightweight Tile weighs less than 6 pounds per square foot.


Eagle. Eagle Roofing Products, headquartered in Rialto, California, is a leading manufacturer of concrete tiles for roofing. It supplies a wide range of tile shapes, including flat and curved tiles. These are available in a range of grey and brown colors. Eagle Roofing Products also supplies the Eaglelite range of lightweight tiles, which are suitable for re-roofing projects. The website contains an interactive Idea Center which enable the user to click different tile styles and colors onto images of five different homes. 


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