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There are two main types of security door. The first resembles an ordinary external door, with fiberglass or wood finish, but is built of steel and has strong side fixings. The second is an openwork steel door, resembling wrought iron, with tempered glass backing panel. The steel work for security doors is available in a wide range of decorative patterns. Both types of security door provide a much higher level of security than is provided by ordinary external doors. Security screen doors are available; these act as screen doors which keep out insects but also provide security.


Other specialist designs include doors for yachts, and 'secret bookcase' doors which conceal a secure room or vault.




Security doors are external doors designed to provide a much higher level of security against intruders than is provided by normal doors. They are mostly used in high-crime areas, in industrial premises prone to burglary, and to protect homes with high value contents. They are available powder coated in a wide range of colors, with custom colors available in request.




The main choice is between having the secure door as the only door, or having a security metal door grill fitted as an additional protection outside the normal door. The advantage of the single door is that looks completely normal, and does not spoil the appearance of the house. The main advantages of the separate metal grill are that it is obvious - and thus acts as a visual deterrent to intruders. Also it avoids the need to replace the existing door. Openwork steel doors may be fitted with a tempered glass back panel.




Some steel doors are made up using rivets, screws or spot welds. Higher quality doors are fully welded, meaning that the complete door becomes one solid piece, with much greater strength. A further option is the bullet resistant steel doors. These are typically made from 16 gauge steel, with continuous laser welded edge seam, an polystyrene core, and strong 5 inch hinges. 




The following leading manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


American Steel Products Inc. American Steel Products Inc is based in Portland, Oregon. It fabricates a wide range of steel products, including industrial steel security doors. It is a proud member of the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs. The frames of steel doors are traditionally held together with rivets, screws, or spot welds. The frames of American Steel Products doors are fully welded. The complete door becomes one single, solid piece, with great increase in strength. The door frames are MIG welded, and are powder coated for weather resistance. The doors are available with or without a lock box. Other products supplied by American Steel Products include steel ramps, steel stairs, window security, scaffolding, barricades, bollard posts, bike racks, and crosswalks. Powder coating as available in twelve standard colors; custom colors are available on request.


Commercial Construction Products. Commercial Construction Products Co., of Tempe, Arizona, is a family-owned supplier of steel security doors. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Hollow Metal Prefinished or Primed Doors & Frames, Architectural Wood Doors, Aluminium & Fiberglass Screen and Vault Doors, Exit Devices, Garage Doors, Locksets, Hinges, Weatherstrip, Float Goods, and Electronic Keypads & Security Hardware. Manufacturers include: DKS, Amweld, Rediframe, Timely, Steward Steel, and WR. The Amweld range of steel doors includes a bullet resistant steel door. This is available in two versions, which resist medium power and super power small arms. These doors are made from 16 Gauge material, with continuous laser welded edge seam and a polystyrene core. They are provided with 5 inch heavyweight hinges.


Master. Master Security Doors Inc., of Deerfield Beach, Floriday, is a manufacturer of secure doors for residential, commercial, mining, government, and military applications. Its doors are certified to ISO 9002 standard. Its website is organized into the following main sections: All Doors, Hurricane Doors, Fire Doors, Security Steel Doors, Armored Doors, Tornado Doors, Safe Rooms, Security Closets, and Bedrooms. Specialist doors are supplied for yachts, and the product range includes a motorised Secret Bookcase designed to hide a secure vault. The Guardian Door System is available with the following panel finishes: Laminate, Fiber Resin, Aluminium, and Hardwood. It has five security bolts on the hinge side of the door, and a four security bolt lock with latch. There is an automatic retractable Bottom Sweep, and a Peep Hole.




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