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Shower curtains are designed to keep the water within the bath when a shower is being taken. They are available in fabric or in vinyl, and in a very wide range of colors and designs. These include contemporary and traditional designs, based on geometric patters, animals, flowers, and landscape scenes. They are held to the shower rails with either rings or hooks.


The leading shower curtain suppliers, described below the panel of sponsored links, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of shower curtains, including online catalogs, colors and materials for shower curtains, and care and maintenance of shower curtains.


LEADING SHOWER CURTAIN MANUFACTURERS is an online retailer specialising in shower curtains. Its range includes Novelty Shower Curtains, Kid Shower Curtains, and everything from Poker Shower Curtains, to Outhouse Shower Curtains, and Wolf Shower Curtains. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Contemporary Shower Curtains, Elegant Shower Curtains, Floral Shower Curtains, Holiday & Christmas Shower Curtains, Kids Shower Curtains, Nature & Animal Shower Curtains, Nautical Shower Curtains, Novelty Shower Curtains, Western Shower Curtains, Fabric Shower Curtains, and Vinyl Shower Curtains. is another leading online retailer of shower curtains. Its website enables users to search by price range, and by more than twenty manufacturers, including: Blonder Home, Clawfoot Supply, Frontier, Funmade, Granada Galleria, Kimlor, Plush Living, Soapania, and Spa Gourmet. Design categories include: Dolphin Shower Curtains, Duck Shower Curtains, Fish Shower Curtains, Hand Painted Shower Curtains, Stripe Shower Curtains, and Tropical Shower Curtains. The website also offers: Shower Curtain Liners, Shower Curtain Hooks & Rings, and Shower Rods. 



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