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Shower heads are the fittings which, attached to the end of the water supply pipe, create the shower by splitting the water supply into a fine spray. The most basic type of shower head has a curved back and a perforated front disc. This does not allow any adjustment of the size or spread of the shower. These basic shower heads are sometimes provided in a large traditional design, giving a vintage look. More modern types allow adjustment to create a narrower or wider shower. They may also contain a perforated rubber insert in each hole of the shower head. This makes it easier to remove any hard lime scale that may build up in the hole.




The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, designs and materials, and care and maintenance.


Kohler. Kohler is a leading US maker of kitchen and bathroom faucets. The Kohler website bathroom section gives information on baths, bidets, faucets, furniture, showers, sinks, toilets and whirlpool baths. It also covers colors, care and cleaning. Kohler offers bathtub/shower combination modules, and separate recessed or corner modules that can accommodate faucets on either side. Many Kohler shower modules are available as multi-piece units, which can be easily moved through doorways and up staircases. Some shower modules can be converted into a steam bath by adding a steam generator kit.


Delta. Delta is the USA's largest manufacturer of faucets for bathrooms, showers, and kitchens. The Delta website covers kitchen, bath and bar/laundry. There is a dealer locator feature, a customer service section, and an online guide to choice of faucets. Delta supplies standard and custom showers, including jet showers. They are supplied in three finishes: chrome bronze and stainless. Delta bathroom showers feature separate temperature and volume control, thermostatic control, scald-guard technology, and touch-clean head.


Grohe. Innovations such as pull-out spray kitchen faucets, solid stainless steel kitchen faucets, single hole centerset lavs that replaced traditional American 4" configurations, and thermostatic shower safety valves are some of the European concepts brought to the U.S. by Grohe. Designed in Germany, Grohe products which are sold in the U.S. comply with US codes and standards. Grohe's Freehander shower contains head and body spray in one unit. It has two heads, each of which can be rotated freely. 


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