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Choosing the right type of Shower Pan


We have four pages of expert guidance on Shower Pans:

1. Introducing shower pans

2. Choosing the right type of shower pan (on this page)

3. Leading suppliers of shower pans

4. Installing and maintaining shower pans


The main considerations are size, shape, material, and color.

Sizes and shapes

Size and shape will be pre-determined if you are replacing an existing pan. However there is much more flexibility if you are building a new bathroom, or undertaking a complete refurbishment. In those cases you have a choice of sizes. For example Americh supplies acrylic pans in nine lengths from 32 inches to 66 inches, and in six widths from 32 inches to 48 inches. Standard size pans will usually be cheaper than custom sizes; popular standard sizes include 36 inches by 36 inches, 48 inches by 48 inches, 60 inches by 30 inches, and 60 inches by 32 inches. They are available with the drain point central, in a corner, or to one side.

You can also consider shapes other than simple squares or rectangles. These include corner showers with rounded exposed corner, and rectangular showers with an outward curve to the shower area.


As to materials the cheapest are acrylic. Acrylic pans are perfectly practical, but may have slightly cheap flexible feel. For a stronger pan, double-skinned acrylic pans are available. Fiberglass pans offer a more solid feel. Both acrylic and fiberglass pans have the advantage that they are relatively light and easily handled. The most expensive, solid, and durable shower bases are made from vitreous china (like a toilet bowl) or from stone-like composite materials, such as those supplied by Royal Stone. Royal Stone composite pans are supplied in a choice of 48 colors, which imitate stone and brown, pink, or grey marble. Although they look like stone, they can be worked with conventional wood-working tools.


As to color for acrylic, fiberglass, or ceramic pans, we would strongly recommend keeping it simple with a white pan. Although many colors are available, these can easily go out of fashion, and it is a very expensive job to replace the pan just because you have changed your mind about the color. Color is fine in a bathroom, but its wiser to introduce it through items that are easily changed such as blinds, shower curtains, and towels.


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Introducing shower pans

Choosing the right type of shower pan (on this page)

Leading suppliers of shower pans

Installing and maintaining shower pans


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