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The three key things to ensure when installing a shower pan are to ensure that the subfloor is level, to ensure that the shower pan is firmly fixed in place, and to ensure that the joint between the wall and the shower pan is well sealed.

Ensuring the subfloor is level

It is important that the subfloor is completely level, otherwise there is a strong risk that the shower pan will crack. If the subfloor is not level, you can use structural foam, plater, or a leveling compound to create a surface that is smooth, even, and level. You should let the leveling compound dry overnight, then check again and apply more leveling compound if necessary.

Sealing the gap between the wall and the shower base

You should make sure that the shower pan fits tightly against the wall on all sides. Then when you apply the tiling, or other wall covering, you can ensure that the tiles cover the edge of the shower pan. You should then seal the joint between the shower pan and the tiling with caulk. Allow the caulk to dry overnight and test the shower for leaks.

Recommended video

Tower Showers publishes an informative video on Youtube here. It breaks down the shower pan installation into four steps: 1. Dry fitting the shower pan to ensure there is 1/8" gap around the edge to allow for expansion. 2. Applying mastic to the floor, using a 1/4" by 1/4" notched trowel. 3. Checking that the shower pan is level. 4. Installing the threshold, making sure that the top of the threshold slopes towards the shower pan.

Maintaining a shower base

Shower bases, whether ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, or made from artificial stone, can be cleaned with soapy water. Avoid aggressive or abrasive cleaners, which can cause permanent damage to the surface. 


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Introducing shower pans

Choosing the right type of shower pan

Leading suppliers of shower pans

Installing and maintaining shower pans (on this page)


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