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The leading manufacturers, selected by Abacus Construction Index and listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of shower pans, bases and trays, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance. The main points of difference between manufacturers are the material, and the range of sizes which is available.

Americh. Americh is a leading manufacturer of bath tubs and shower pans. It is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and North Hollywood, California. It supplies a wide variety of sizes and shapes, in a choice of more than 20 colors. Shapes include: Barrier Free, Double Threshold, End Drain, Neo Angle, and Single Threshold (with or without seat). Each is custom manufactured to the customer's specifications. The Americh website is organized into the following main sections: Bath Tubs, Shower Bases, and Accessories. There are also sections on: Products, Where to Buy, and Technical. The website contains advisory articles on: Shower Base Installation, Apron Installation, Care & Maintenance, Troubleshooting Guide, and Authorised Repair Companies.

Aquatic. Aquatic, formerly known as Lasco, is one of the largest makers of bathroom fixtures in the USA, accounting for around 25% of all sales. It is headquartered in Anaheim, California, with eight manufacturing facilities spread through the USA. It delivers across the USA, using a fleet of 270 trucks and trailers. In addition to Shower Pans, the Aquatic range includes Whirlpools, Bubblers & Soaking Tubs, Steam Tubs, Bathtubs & Showers, and Shower Doors. Aquatic Shower Pans are available in three materials: acrylic, fiberglass, and SMC (sheet molding compound). The Acrylic Pans are available in rectangular and corner designs; they have a high gloss acrylic finish and an integral nailing flange. Fiberglass Pans have a Gelcoat finish on reinforced polyester. Special features of Aquatic showers include: Electronic Control Panels, Lumbar Jets, Side Wall Air Injectors, and multi-colored LED Chromatherapy. 

Dix Systems. Dix Systems, a family firm based in Edmonton, Alberta, supplies liner kits which provide for leak-proof installation of traditional mortar bed tiled shower floors. The particular feature of Dix Systems liners is that they are structured, having no folds or seams. The structured liner is made from durable polyethylene plastic which is resistant to punctures and tears. It has 8 inch walls, eliminating the need for any backing between vertical timber studs. The 3-part drain placement can be flexibly position anywhere in the shower pan. The Dix liner is made from a see-through material, allowing the installer to determine the location of the drain. Each pre-formed liner is tested at Dix's manufacturing plant before dispatch. Related products supplied by Dix Systems include: Thresholds, Curb Sills, Shower Benches, and Shower Niches.

Royal Stone. Royal Stone, based in Phoenix, Arizona, supplies shower pans and bases made from a composite material resembling stone. The material is an inert, non-porous, homogenous blend of UV inhibited polyester-acrylic resin, with randomly dispersed polyester-acrylic and natural minerals as fillers. This produces a solid surfacing material that has the appearance and ruggedness of natural stone, but which can be easily worked with normal wood-working tools. Royal Stone pans are supplied in a choice of 48 colors. These resemble brown, grey, or pink marble and stone. Royal Stone pans are designed to withstand heavy wear. They have been widely installed in situations such as Marriott and Holiday Inn hotels, hospitals, universities, and military housing. The shower pans are suitable for installation in new construction, and as retro-fits to existing buildings.


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Introducing shower pans

Choosing the right type of shower pan

Leading suppliers of shower pans (on this page)

Installing and maintaining shower pans


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