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We have five pages of expert guidance on Shower Stalls:

1. Introducing shower stalls
2. Choosing the right type of shower stall (on this page)
3. Design tips for shower stalls
4. Leading suppliers of shower stalls
5. Installing and maintaining shower stalls


For new construction

If you are choosing a shower enclosure for a new construction you have the opportunity to make room to install the design of your choice. For new construction there is an increasing tendency to use rectangular stalls, which provide a much more comfortable and spacious arrangement than the traditional square stall.

Some designs of rectangular stall have glass doors so that the stall can be closed; others have an open entrance, with a glass screened area for the shower itself. We would advise using the latter only in cases where the bathroom floor is to be fully waterproof. Otherwise it is sensible to opt for a fully enclosed stall with glass door. We would also recommend that you consider a stall with a rounded corner; this softens the look, and makes it easier to move around the bathroom.

Choosing a replacement

The first consideration when choosing a replacement stall is to consider the space you have available. If the existing stall is in a recess, you will have to replace like with like. But if the existing stall is in a corner, you may want to consider replacing it with a larger stall - either square or rectangular. The outer walls of the stall will be made of glass, which may be clear, frosted, or patterned.

Consider the full range of surfaces for the wall sides of the stall. These may be tiled, lined with stone, or lined with acrylic panels. Consider also the option of a one-piece gel coat or acrylic stall. Gel coat stalls are made using the spray-up method. Acrylic stalls are vacuum formed from a solid sheet of acrylic. In both cases the stall is a seamless one-piece item, which is easy to clean and is completely leak-proof.

When it comes to the choice of color, we would recommend keeping to white. Other colors can fade and become dated and it is an expensive proposition to change the shower stall simply because the color is wrong. Keep it simple - white is right.


Please click below for our other guidance notes on shower stalls:

Introducing shower stalls
Design tips for shower stalls
Leading suppliers of shower stalls
Installing and maintaining shower stalls

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