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Slate is a fine grained, foliated, homogeneous, metamorphic rock which is derived from an original shale type sedimentary rock. It is composed mainly of Quartz, Muscovite, and Illite. Slate is durable, is waterproof, and can be split into thin sheets, leading to its widespread traditional use as a roofing material.


Slate is available in a wide variety of brown, grey, green, and black colors. Slates are normally rectangular, but may have decorative faceted or curved edges. They are fixed with nails, usually two to a slate, which are driven through pre-drilled holes.


In addition to new slate, salvaged slate is available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes. Salvaged slate is particularly useful for repair and restoration work, where the original character of the slate roof is to be maintained. 




The following leading slate roofing manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of slate roofing, including online catalogs, colors and materials for slate roofing, and care and maintenance of slate roofing.


American Slate Company: Slate Roofing. American Slate Company, headquartered in Walnut Creek, California, is the largest supplier of slate in the USA. Its Slate Roofing products are water repellent, fireproof, and will not attract moss or fungus even in damp and shady areas. The slates are generally available in 16" by 8" and 16" by 10" sizes, and are about 1/4" thick. All American Slate Company roofingl slates are pre-drilled with two nail holes. Available colors include: Black, Blue Black, Cherry Plum, China Grey, Cloud Grey, Copper Grey, Emerald Green, and Irish Green.


New England Slate Company: Slate Roofing. The New England Slate Company, based in Pittsford, Vermont, is a leading supplier of slate roofing for repair work, restorations, and new construction. It can match an existing slate roof, and offers a custom slate-cutting service for special shapes and patterns. One of the slates if offers is North Country Black from the Glendyne Quarry. After decades of sporadic activity, Glendyne Quarry has now grown into the largest single-source supplier of slates in the USA. The website contains sections on Slate Photos, Slate Prices, Slate Projects, and Slate Tools.


Durable Slate: Slate Roofing. The Durable Slate Company, is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It also has offices in Cincinnati, Cleveland, New Orleans, and Indianapolis. Durable Slate was founded in 1986 as a slate roof restoration contractor. Because most newly quarried slates do not match older, weathered slates, Durable Slate began to salvage as much roofing slate as possible. Durable Slate is now one of the largest installers of slate roofs in the USA, with most of its inventory being salvaged slates. These are drawn mainly from Vermont, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York. 



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