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Sliding Glass Doors are most usually used as external doors. The most common type is the bypass sliding glass door. This typically consists of two or three leaves, which slide past each other. A more sophisticated type is the sliding folding glass door. This opens in concertina fashion, folding in on itself. Sliding folding glass doors have the advantage that the whole side of a room can be opened to the outside. Sliding Glass Doors can also be supplied as secondary doors, to be fitted to the inside or outside of existing glass doors.


Secondary glass doors improve sound insulation and heat insulation, and prevent draughts.




There are two main considerations: the type of material for the framing, and the type of glass.


Types of material for framing


The choices for the type of material for the framing are aluminum, aluminum-clad wood, wood, and vinyl. Aluminum is a very popular material. It has the advantages compared to wood that it needs no painting or other treatment; it can have relatively narrow frames, and it is available in a wide range of permanent powder-coated colors. Whereas bare aluminum can weather in an unslightly way, and can look rather cheap and industrial, powder-coated aluminum will weather well, needs no future painting, and looks good. Aluminum-clad wood is a more expensive alternative, but does have the advantage that the wood surface on the inside gives a warm, natural look. Also the wood framing provides good thermal insulation. All-wood glass doors can look attractive, but they will need regular external treatment. Vinyl is the cheapest material. It is entirely practical, but tends to require rather thick frames. Also white vinyl can stain and yellow. Vinyl doors will inevitably look rather cheap compared to aluminum or wood doors.


Types of glass


As to type of glass, the doors will almost invariably be double glazed; we would strongly recommend this for both thermal and sound insulation. You should also consider using low-emission glass (also known as low-E glass). This glass is treated during manufacture with a thin surface film which greatly reduces infrared transmission. This helps to keep heat out in summer, and helps to keep heat in winter. The small extra cost is well justified.




The leading manufacturers selected by Abacus Construction Index, listed below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, specifications, materials and finishes, and installation, care and maintenance.


Avanti Systems. Avanti Systems, based in Port Chester, New York, is a specialist supplier of glass partitions and sliding glass doors in aluminum or wood frames. Avanti sliding doors are used in homes, offices, showrooms, and as partitions in office areas. The Avanti product range includes: Solare Single Glazed Glass Walls, Solare Double Glazed Glass Walls, Solar Lengo, Eclipse Sliding Glass Doors, Elite Curved Glass Walls, Elite Rectangle Glass Walls, and LCD Glass Walls. LCD Glass Walls alter in appearance from clear to white opaque at the press of a switch which applies electric current. The LCD glass is compatible with all Avanti glass partition ranges: Solare, Elite, Eclipse, and Legno. The Avanti website includes a SpecWizard feature. This generates specifications for sliding doors and other products in Word, WP, or RTF.


NanaWall Systems. NanaWall Systems, based in Mill Valley, California, was founded in 1986. It makes glass sliding folding doors, described as Opening Glass Walls. Since 1996 it has been in partnership with Solarlux of Germany, an international leader in sliding glass wall technology. The NanaWall website covers all aspects of sliding glass doors. It contains the following main parts: Glazed Folding Systems, Glazed Individual Panel Systems, Screen Accessories, Matching French Doors, Tilt Systems, and All Glass Window Walls. NanaWall glass sliding folding doors are supplied in three materials: wood, aluminium clad wood, and aluminium. The aluminium system can be supplied in a Hurricane version which is approved by Dade County, Florida. NanaWall sliding glass door projects range from press boxes and suites at the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Mariners stadiums, to luxurious pool houses in private homes.


Solar Innovations. Solar Innovations, based in Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of folding and sliding glass doors and windows. Its history dates back to the early 1950s, when Everlite Greenhouses was founded.  Solar Innovations also supplies Greenhouses, Sunrooms, Conservatories, Pool & Spa Enclosures, Curtain Walls, Walkways, Canopies, and Skylights. Nine standard colors are offered for the aluminum framing of the doors, including Bronze, Hartford Green, Natural Clay, White, Black, and Sandstone. Copper, and Stainless Steel. This is a wider range of standard colors than is usual. Simulated Lead coated Copper cladding options are available for an extra charge. The range of Solar Innovations doors includes Dual Track, Multiple Track, and Multiple Track Pocketing sliding glass doors. Solar Innovations doors are intended for both residential and commercial use.


Soundproof Windows. Soundproof Windows, of Fremont, California, manufactures secondary sliding glass doors which can be mounted inside or outside existing glass doors. The manufacturers claim noise reductions of between 75% and 95% for their secondary sliding doors, making the product particularly suitable for buildings adjacent to noisy roads. In addition to cutting down sound transmission, these secondary windows and doors prevent draughts and improve heat insulation. Laminated glass is used; this is more secure than the usual tempered glass because it is more difficult for an intruder to break through. Laminated glass is also mandated in areas which are prone to hurricanes. The frames of the doors are made of aluminum, and are available finished in more than 50 colors designed to blend with any interior decor.




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