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Solar ovens are cooking devices whose only source of power is the sun. Because they use no fuel and cost nothing to run, they are being widely promoted by humanitarian organizations for use in developing countries. The aim is to reduce de-forestation and desertification by reducing the consumption of firewood. Solar cookers are also used for recreational purposes in developed countries.


Solar ovens work by combining three principles: concentration of sunlight, conversion of light to heat, and trapping heat. The concentration of sunlight is achieved by the use of panels of shiny reflective metal, which focus the heat upon the cooking pot. A black cooking pot will convert almost all sunlight into heat. The heat is trapped within the solar oven by means of a transparent lid, which has a greenhouse effect. It is possible in this way to reach similar temperatures on windy and cold days as on hot days.




The following leading solar oven manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of solar ovens, including online catalogs, designs, specifications and materials for solar ovens, and care and maintenance of solar ovens. Solar Ovens. supplies a range of solar ovens. These comprise a cooking pot with lid, surrounded by a set of reflective panels. It is claimed that on a sunny day cooking time for the solar oven is similar to that for a regular indoor oven. There is no energy cost, because the heating derives entirely from the sun. the HotPot Dual Pot system provides a half inch air space between the glass outer pot and the black metal inner pot. This improves insulation and heat retention. The shiny metal reflector is made of several panels riveted together; these fold out to capture solar energy.


Solar Oven Society: Solar Ovens. The Solar Oven Society, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a non-profit organization which promotes solar cooking to the US public, and partners with overseas organizations to bring solar cooking to deprived people worldwide who lack adequate fuel for cooking their food. The Solar Oven Society has designed and supplies the Sport Solar Oven. Both the case and the transparent lid of the Sport Solar Oven are highly insulated. The lid has a one inch air gap between the thicker molded lid and the taped on plastic film. The broad footprint is designed to avoid tip-over from wind.


Sun Ovens International: Solar Ovens. Sun Ovens International was formed in 1998 and is based in Elburn, Illinois. Assembly plants have been established in developing countries, and thousands of solar ovens have been shipped. They are also supplied for recreational use within the USA. Two types of solar oven are supplied: the Global Sun Oven, and the Villager Sun Oven. The Global Sun Oven is designed to meet the needs of a family of 6 to 8 people, and achieves temperatures of up to 360 degrees F. The Villager Sun Oven is designed for large-scale feeding, and can reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees F. Each Villager Sun Oven can save up to 150 tons of wood annually. 



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