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Solar shingles are roofing shingles which generate electricity using photovoltaic technology. This product is relatively new, and there is a limited product range available. The advantage of solar shingles compared to conventional photovoltaic solar panels is purely aesthetic. The Solar shingles are designed to resemble normal roofing shingles, and to blend to some extent into the roof as a whole.  


The most common type is a flexible thin-film photovoltaic sheet, which can be nailed into place in the same way as asphalt roofing shingles. Another type is based on a standard fiber cement tile, with a photovoltaic film being applied to the lower part of the tile.


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The following leading manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colors and materials, and care and maintenance.


Atlantis Energy Systems. Atlantis Energy Systems, based in Sacramento, California, manufactures solar power shingles under the Sunslates brand name. The shingles begin life as an Eternit fiber cement roofing tile. Atlantis Energy Systems glues a low glare tempered glass power panel to the exposed surface of each tile. The product is suitable for both new construction and re-roofing. The Sunlates are secured with stainless steel storm anchor hooks, and are anchored to 1" x 4" nailers resting on 2" x 2" sleepers. Each tile is wired to its neighbour with a gas-tight connector.


OK Solar. OK Solar retails a wide range of solar systems, including solar power shingles. Its solar roofing products include Structural Standing Seam systems, Solar Power Shingles, and Field Applied Roofing Laminate. Each shingle is 12" by 86.5" long, and is nailed in place on roof decking over 30 lb felt sheeting. Electrical lead wires extend 12". The flexible thin-film solar cell shingles can be installed in new construction, being nailed in place with common roof decking. They can also be applied over existing roofing. The sun warms the solar electric shingle providing a bond that forms a weather resisting covering.


Solar Components. Solar Components Corporation, based in Manchester, New Hampshire, supplies passive solar electric products. It also supplies solar heating equipment, greenhouse kits, solar water heaters, and insulating quilts. Its Uni-Solar roof shingles look and install like ordinary shingles, but allow the roof the become a source of solar electric power. The flexible thin-film solar cell shingle is designed to blend with conventional shingles. Two 12" long 18 gauge wires lead from the underside of each shingle, allowing wiring connections to be made in the roof space.



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