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Spiral Staircases may be installed indoors or outside. They enable a staircase to be fitted into a smaller space than a conventional staircase. They also have an open appearance, which allows light to pass through and which can add character to a space. Spiral staircases are availble in steel, cast aluminum, and wood. They may be supplied welded as a complete unit, or as a kit for assembly on site. Cast aluminum spiral staircases are available in a wide range of antique styles, with decorative balusters.  


The following leading spiral staircase manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of spiral staircases, including online catalogs, colors and materials for spiral staircases, and care and maintenance of spiral staircases.



Spiral Stairs of America: Spiral Staircases. Spiral Stairs of America, which is based in Erie, Pennsylvania, has been manufacturing wood and metal spiral staircases for more than 30 years. Its standard spiral staircase is welded steel, with smooth steel treads. Alternative tread options include checker plate, bar grate, and wood covers. The standard handrail is 1.5 inch steel tube. Handrail options include one piece wood handrails, brass top caps, and molded steel handrails. Matching balcony and well railing is available. The Deco model features multiple round tubes bent into a helix shape below the handrail.


Salter Industries: Spiral Staircases. Salter Industries, based in Collegeville, Pennsylvania, has been manufacturing indoor and outdoor spiral staircases for over 25 years. Its website presents its product range in the following categories: Classic Steel Spiral Staircases, Forged Iron Spiral Staircases, Wood Spiral Staircases, Aluminum Outdoor Spiral Staircases, and Galvanized Steel Exterior Spiral Staircases. The Salter Industries website contains a Design Guide for Spiral Staircases, and a Design & Layout Tool, which enables you to diagram your own stair to size.


The Iron Shop: Spiral Staircases. The Iron Shop, based in Broomall,  Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of metal and wood spiral staircase kits. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Metal Spiral Stair Kits, Oak Spiral Stair Kits, Victorian Spiral Stair Kits, and Custom Spiral Stair Kits. The Metal Spiral Stair Kits are manufactured from steel, with optional oak tread coverings and optional brass handrails. Victorian Spiral Stair Kits, which are available in a wide range of decorative baluster designs, are made from cast aluminum. They are supplied in 4, 5, and 6 foot diameters.



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