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There are two main types of stained glass window: those onto which the color is painted, and those made up of small pieces of self-colored glass. The techniques may be combined in a single window.


Today stained glass windows are usually used as small decorative features, for example set into entry doors. Specialist firms exist to repair and restore antique stained. Antique stained glass panels are also available for sale as architectural salvage.


The leading stained glass window manufacturers listed below the panel of sponsored links have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of stained glass windows, including online catalogs of stained glass windows, styles and materials for stained glass windows, and care and maintenance of stained glass windows.




Gilbertsons Stained Glass Windows. Gilbertson's is a leading supplier of stained glass windows. The Gilbertson's website contains sections on stained glass restoration, custom creations, etched and beveled glass, custom and Tiffany lamps, stained glass for entry ways and doors, skylights and domes, and stained glass for churches. Gilbertsons undertakes stained glass work of all kinds, including contemporary and traditional stained glass windows, and stained glass lamps. The techniques it employs include glass beveling, glass mosiacs, etching and sand carving.


Spectrum Stained Glass Windows. Spectrum Glass is a leading manufacturer of stained glass for windows. The Spectrum Glass website contains sections on leaded, foiled and grouted stained glass, hot glass products for glass fusing, casting, torching and blowing, and clear textured glass for use in windows and cabinetry in the home. Spectrum stained glass is used in buildings, in the fine arts, for lighting, and for hobbies. It produces over two hundred types of glass, including iridescent, multi-color and textured glass. 


The Looking Glass: Stained Glass Windows. The Looking Glass, based in Rock Hill, South Carolina, has been a family owned and operated business since 1980. It specialises in the design, building, and installation of handcrafted stained glass designs. Applications include bathroom windows, cabinet doors, lamps, and decorative screens. The Looking Glass website is organised into the following sections: Restorations, Ironwork, Entryways, Stained Glass, Churches, and Phantom Screens. For restoration, each window is inspected for any current repairs that are needed and any future problems that may be developing. The first rule of restoration is that every change must be documented and reversible.


Tomkinsons Stained Glass Windows. Tomkinson's are a leading dealer in antique stained glass. Tomkinson's are based in the UK, but sell worldwide. The Tomkinson's website has sections on Victorian stained glass, Edwardian stained glass, French stained glass, Religious stained glass, roundels, and cartoons.


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