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Staircases are normally made of wood, although balusters may be of wood, wrought iron, or glass. The four main types of staircase are straight staircases, scissor staircases, curved or circular staircases, and spiral staircases. Scissor staircases are a set of two intertwined stairs located within one stairwell enclosure. Two adjacent flights connect the same floors in opposite directions, thus giving two separate means of escape.


The greatest variety of design within residential staircases is in the vertical balusters. These may be of simple contemporary design, or may be in a wide range of traditional decorative turned designs.




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Iron Shop: Spiral Staircases. The Iron Shop, based in Broomall,  Pennsylvania, is a leading manufacturer of metal and wood spiral staircase kits. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Metal Spiral Stair Kits, Oak Spiral Stair Kits, Victorian Spiral Stair Kits, and Custom Spiral Stair Kits. The Metal Spiral Stair Kits are manufactured from steel, with optional oak tread coverings and optional brass handrails. Victorian Spiral Stair Kits, which are available in a wide range of decorative baluster designs, are made from cast aluminum. They are supplied in 4, 5, and 6 foot diameters.


Siller: Staircases. Siller, based in northern Italy, manufactures a wide range of specialist staircases, which are sold worldwide. The contemporary range includes staircases with glass treads, glass handrails, and glass structures. Other contemporary designs include wooden treads cantilevered from the wall, with glass handrail. The rustic range of staircases have timber treads, handrails, and structure. These include designs with substantial feature columns and gently curving timber handrails. Siller Staircases has agents in the USA, UAE, Canada, UK, Ireland, India, and Russia.


Southern Staircase. Southern Staircase, based in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a manufacturer of all types of staircase, including straight, scissor, circular and spiral staircases. These may have balusters made from wood or from wrought iron. The staircases are factory-built, using computer aided design, computer controlled precision cutters, and modular components. The staircase designs aim to avoid winder treads, and prevent headroom problems and dangerous gait changes. The website includes separate sections for homebuilders, suppliers, and architects, and a 'Design your own Rail' program.


Stairworks: Staircases. Stairworks Inc is based at a 15,000 sq ft manufacturing facility in Telford, Pennsylvania. It is a manufacturer of high quality wood staircases, stair railings and handrails. Its staircases are intended for use by residential developers and by do-it-yourself home owners. High end custom staircases, including circular staircases, are available. Standard wood staircases are available in three styles: Traditional Style, Carolina Style, and Hampton Style. Available woods include oak and poplar. The staircase balusters may be finished in natural stain or painted.  




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