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Steel siding is available as a cladding material for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. It is extremely robust, and if suitably treated it can provide long life with very little maintenance. A wide choice of profiles is available, some simulating traditional wooden siding, others of a more industrial appearance. Steel siding is available with factory applied finishes, including oven-fused PVC coatings. A wide choice of colors is available, typically more than 20 from a single manufacturer. Complementary color-coated steel soffits and trim are also available.


For highly corrosive industrial environments, siding made of stainless steel may be used. This is highly resistant to corrosion, and may be used for roofing and decking as well as siding.




James River Steel. James River Steel, based in Richmond, Virginia, is a supplier of galvanized steel building products including stainless steel siding. Its stainless siding is available in a variety of profiles, including corrugated, rib, and panel. James River Steel specialises in steel building products suitable for highly corrrosive industrial environments. These include roof decks, floor decks, and siding. Its products are sold throughout North America and in Europe. The full catalog can be downloaded from the website, which includes an Online Quote Request feature.


Rollex. Rollex, based in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, is a specialist in roll forming and extruding metals. It has been a manufacturer of metal building products, including steel siding, since the early 1950s. Rollex siding has an oven-fused PVC finish that protects the surface against scratches and dents. The profiles are designed to provide tight seams, and to avoid buckling or warping. Rollex Siding is available in a choice of 24 non-fade colors. Rollex offers a compatible soffit system, and complementary rainware. Rollex claims green credentials, and recycles millions of pounds of steel each year.

United States Seamless. United States Seamless, based in Fargo, North Dakota, is a specialist supplier of seamless steel siding. Its siding is available in a choice of seven colors of wood look, ranging from Birch White, through Sandalwood, to dark colors such as Chestnut and Rustic Oak. The only maintenance that is required is an occasional hosing down of the house. The siding is protected with a ceramic hybrid paint, enhanced with DuPont Teflon surface protector. Cool Paint Technology is also available; this contains infrared reflective pigments which improve energy efficiency.



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