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Stone Flooring may be used indoors or outdoors. Indoors, it is mainly used for bathrooms. Outside, it may be used for paving, paths, and steps. The main types of stone are: Limestone, Sandstone, Granite, and Slate. Stones are available in a wide range of colors, and may have rough-hewn or smooth finish.


Stone flooring is available in accurately cut square tiles, from 12" to 24" square. It is also available in irregular shapes to provide a rustic effect. Because stone is a porous material, indoor stone floors will usually need to be sealed immediately after installation, with the sealant being re-applied every twelve months. This will avoid marking and staining. Marble floors will require more frequent re-application of sealant




The following leading stone flooring manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of stone flooring, including online catalogs, colours and materials for stone flooring, and care and maintenance of stone flooring.


Stone Source Online: Stone Flooring. Stone Source Online, whose warehouse is in Carlstadt, New Jersey, has branch offices in New York, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Los Angeles. It is a leading supplier of stone products including stone flooring. It offers Limestone, Burlington Stone, Marble, Slate, Quartzite, and Granite. The website contains an interactive Stone Selector, which enables the user to select by Application, Traffic Wear, Material, Color, Finish, Size, and Price. The Application options include Internal Stone Flooring and External Stone Pavers. Stone Flooring., based in Falls Church, Virginia, ships stone, including stone flooring, from over 200 distribution centers in North America, and from 25 countries worldwide. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Slate, Exotic Stone, Pebblestone Mosaic, Quartzite, and Sandstone. The product range for stone flooring is extensive, with 145 types of Limestone, 307 types of Travertine, 328 types of Marble, 182 types of Granite, and 16 types of Sandstone.


Stonehenge Slate: Stone Flooring. Stonehenge Slate, of Middlesex, New Jersey, is a leading importer of slate, sandstone, limestone, granite tiles, quartzite, flagstone, and pavers. Its range of stone flooring is intended mainly for outside landscaping use. It includes: Sandstone Pavers, Limestone Pavers, Stone Treads, Stone Slabs, Stone Pier Caps, and Stone Circle Kits. It also offers a range of slate flooring for inside use. This comprises cleft slate, honed slate, mesh-backed mosaic panels, and mesh-backed border panels. Quartzite flooring tiles are available in Copper, Gold Green, and Sliver Grey. 



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