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Storm Doors are usually fitted to the outside of normal external doors to provide additional protection. Storm doors may also be fitted as the single main door. Their purpose is to protect the main door from bad weather, including high winds and hurricanes, to improve heat insulation, and to prevent draughts. Storm Doors may be made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass or steel. They typically have a tempered glass panel in the upper part of the door, and are provided with rubber seals around the edge of the door to ensure a tight fit. Storm doors are available in a variety of strengths, depending on the degree of protection that is required.




These doors are usually only fitted in areas that are prone to hurricane risk such as the coastal regions around the Gulf of Mexico. Outside such areas the main reason for fitting such doors would be as a security protection against intruders; the same characteristics that make a door resistant to hurricane damage make it resistant to attack by burglars.


The benefits of premium doors


If you are fitting storm proof doors, we would advise that you choose a high quality premium product, such as those supplied by Gorell. These have frames made from heavy duty 3.75 inch commercial-grade extruded aluminum, and two layers of weather stripping around the Z-bar. Adjustable top and bottom pneumatic closers prevent the door from slamming in high winds. A bottom expander with triple rubber weather stripping minimises draughts and water leakage. The aluminum frame, and any solid aluminum panels, are powder coated, with typically a choice of white, almond, or dark brown finish. Powder coated finishes of this kind do not need any future painting or other maintenance.




High quality doors of this kind will feature glazing systems incorporating three sheets of glass. The two outer sheets of glass form a laminated sandwich including a protective interlayer, similar to that in an auto windshield. They carry a Low-E coating to reduce solar heat gain. The space between the laminated sandwich and the third, inner, sheet of glass is filled with argon gas to provide thermal and sound insulation.


Storm and hurricane doors of this kind are, in hurricane prone areas, a sensible defence against violent weather and the risks of flying debris. They also provide better security against intruders.




The following leading suppliers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of, including online catalogs, specifications, colours and materials, and care and maintenance.


Harvey Industries. Harvey Industries, headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, is a leading manufacturer of windows and doors, including storm proof doors. Harvey Industries supplies three types of storm door: Solid Wood Core Doors, Aluminum Doors, and Retractable Screen Doors. The Solid Wood Core Doors are made from a heavy-duty solid wood core, wrapped in a seamless vinyl or aluminium skin. The hinge system is made up of five independent Oilite bearings. The doors are available in white vinyl or bronze aluminum. Harvey Industries is a privately held company which has been operating since 1961. Its door manufacturing facility houses automated equipment, and incorporates an in-house testing laboratory. Harvey Industries is one of relatively few US door manufacturers which designs all its own products. 

Larson. Larson Manufacturing Company, of Brookings, South Dakota, is a leading manufacturer of storm proof doors and windows. It has more than 1,400 employees throughout the USA. Larson Doors are made of 1 5/8" thick aluminum frame with maintenance-free finish. The doors feature multi-point locking, solid brass levers, laminated security glass shield which withstands repeated blows, and glass which blocks 99% of UV rays. Door frames are available in the following colors: white, almond, sandstone, earth-tone brown, hunter green, black, and cranberry. Larson Manufacturing Company began in 1954 when a small door, window, and awning operation was started by Oscar Larson in his home town of Albert Lea, Minnesota. Sales of storm proof doors took off in 1966, when Larson Manufacturing produced its first wood core storm proof door. Larson hold six patents for storm proof doors.




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