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There are three main types of swimming pool heater: gas, heat pump, and solar. Electricity is not recommended as a means of heating swimming pools, due to its high operating cost. Gas swimming pool heaters are the cheapest to install, and may run on either piped natural gas or tanked propane gas. They may be used in combination with solar panels.  


Electric heat pumps are an increasingly popular method of heating swimming pools. A heat pump will take longer to heat the swimming pool than a gas heater, but it is much more economical. A heat pump consumes a modest amount of electricity, and operates on the same principle as a refrigerator, except in reverse (ie heating rather than cooling). For warm climates, heat pumps can be supplied which cool as well as heat. With any type of pool heater it is advisable to use an insulating pool cover at night, to reduce evaporation and heat loss. 




The following leading pool heater manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of pool heaters, including online catalogs, designs, and care and maintenance of pool heaters.


Aquatherm: Solar Pool Heaters. Aquatherm, based in Lakewood, New Jersey, is a leading manufacturer of solar swimming pool heating systems. The Aquatherm system uses the existing pool pump and fiter to circulate the pool's water through solar collector pipes. The heated water is returned to the pool through the existing return lines. A control system diverts water to the collector pipes only when there is sufficient sunshine. The Aquatherm system will work alongside an existing fossil fuel heater, acting as the primary source of heat; the gas heater or electric heat pump then become a back-up system.


Raypack. Raypack, founded in 1947 and based in Oxnard, California, is part of the Rheem Group, specialising in water heating and cooling. Raypack operates from a 235,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Oxnard. It supplies a range of electric heat pumps for swimming pools. These range in capacity from 100,000 to 137,000 BTU. The standard range of heat pumps is for heating only; the specialty range is designed for warm climates, allowing the pool to be cooled as well as heated. Raypack heat pumps are fitted with Titanium heat exchangers.


Pentair Water. Pentair Water Pool & Spa is a leading manufacturer of pool equipment, with corporate offices in Sanford, North Carolina, and Moorpark, California. In addition to pool filters, its product range includes: Pool Automation, Pool Drains & Fittings, Pool Heaters & Heat Pumps, Pool Lighting, Pool Pumps, Pool Skimmers, and Water Features. The Pentair range of gas pool heaters ranges in capacity from 200,000 BTU to 400,000 BTU, and contains versions for natural gas and propane. The heaters are certified for low NOx emission.


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