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Swimming pool pumps are used to circulate the water for filtering. It is important to select a model from an established and reputable manufacturer, as these pumps run continuously for long periods and are subject to heavy wear. Pool pumps incorporate a strainer basket which is designed to remove large debris such as leaves before the water enters the separate sand or cartridge filter.


Different types of swimming pool pump are appropriate for in-ground and above-ground pools. For in-ground pools pump power ranges from 3/4 horsepower to 2.5 horsepower. Features include see-through strainer cover which allows users to see when the strainer basket needs emptying. A self priming feature will allow suction up to 8 feet above water level. 




The following leading swimming pool pump manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of pool pumps, including online catalogs, materials for pool pumps, and care and maintenance of pool pumps.


Sta-Rite: Swimming Pool Pumps. Sta-Rite, founded in 1934, is a leading worldwide manufacturer of pumps, water systems, filters, and accessories. It has US plants in Delavan, Wisconsin; Grand Island, Nebraska; Dover, New Hampshire; Murrieta, Long Beach; and South el Monte, California. It also has plants in Australia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and New Zealand. the Pool & Spa section of its website covers: Pumps, Filters, Automation Systems, Heaters & Heat Pumps, Pool & Spa Lighting, Automatic Pool Cleaners, and Automatic Chlorine Generation. These are sold under the Pentair brand name.


Hayward: Swimming Pool Pumps. Hayward Pool Products, based in Nashville, Tennessee, has been a manufacturer of pool equipment for more than 80 years. Its product range includes: Pool Pumps, Pool Filters, Pool Heaters, Pool Heat Pumps, Automatic Pool Cleaners, Pool Lighting, Pool Controls, and Salt Chlorine Generators. The components for Hayward pool pumps are molded from corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic. The motor and entire drive group assembly can be removed for servicing, without disturbing pipe or mounting connections. The balanced, high-head impeller provides high volume output.



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