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Tin Ceilings are decorative panels made by stamping raised patterns into thin tin plated steel. They were introduced into the USA in the 19th century as a cheap alternative to the elaborate plasterwork found in European houses of the time. They were usually painted white to simulate the appearance of plaster. Subsequently a wider variety of finishes was introduced, including copper and brass finish. Tin Ceilings are still manufactured in the USA, using traditional methods.


The tin ceiling panels may be nailed to the ceiling, may be glued to the ceiling, or may be dropped into suspended T-bars. To complete the tin ceiling design, special panels are available as fillers around the edge of the design, and as cornices and friezes. 




The following leading tin ceiling manufacturers have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects of tin ceilings, including online catalogs, colours and materials for tin ceilings, and care and maintenance of tin ceilings.


American Tin Ceiling Company. The American Tin Ceiling Company, based in Bradenton, Florida, and with a team of eight full-time designers, has supplied more than 40,000 tin ceilings. Its products seek to stir memories of gentler days when elegance and beauty reigned. It supplies five types of tin ceiling panel: Snaplock, Nailup, Backsplash, Dropin, and 3D Dropin. Available finishes for tin ceiling panels include a variety of panel patterns in Whites, Mochas, Coppers, Burgundies & Bricks, Silvers, Golds, Greens, and Blues. Accessories include Switch Plates, Matching Paint, and Filler Panels. 


Chelsea Decorative Metal Company: Tin Ceilings. Chelsea Decorative Metal Company, of Houston Texas, is a family business which has been making tin ceilings for 50 years. Its tin ceilings are supplied unpainted in 2ft by 2ft or 2ft by 4ft panels. Its website is organized into the following main sections: Tin Ceiling Patterns, Tin Ceiling Styles, Tin Ceiling Fillers, Tin Ceiling Cornices, Tin Ceiling Finishes, Installation, and Gallery. Designs are available at various scales, with repeats in 3 inch, 6 inch, 12 inch, or 2 ft squares. Styles include: Americana, Art Deco, Generic, Turn of the Century, and Victorian.


Brian Greer: Tin Ceilings. Brian Greer Tin Ceilings, of Niagara Falls, New York, has been manufacturing historically correct tin ceilings for more than 40 years. Panels are 2ft by 2ft, and can be glued up, nailed up, or dropped into a T-bar. In addition to tin ceiling panels, Brian Greer supplies: Moldings, Fillers, Noseings, Tin Ceiling Cornices, Backsplashes, Friezes, Medallions, Specialty and Custom tin ceiling items. Finishes include: Bright Tin, Bright Brass, Bright Copper, Bright Chrome, Antique Pewter, Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Solid Copper, and Powder Painted in any color.



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