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Toilet seats are normally made of cast acrylic plastic. Traditional wooden toilet seats are also available. Toilet seats are available from leading manufactures with a gentle-close action, avoiding slamming noises. Novelty seats include seashell toilet seats, in which natural materials are encapsulated within clear plastic. In order to ensure satisfactory fit and operation, it is important to check whether the required seat is of round or elongated shape. 


The leading manufacturers, described below, have comprehensive websites, with information on all aspects, including online catalogs, colours and materials.




Church. The Church Seat Company, based in Holyoke, Massachusetts, was founded by Charles F. Church, and has been manufacturing seats for toilets since 1904, using the slogan 'The Best Seat in the House'. It was the first company to bring a white seat to the market, made by forming white pyroxalin around a solid wood core seat. The Church range of seats includes: Commercial Plastic, Residential Plastic, Residential Wood, American Standard, Eljer Models, Medic Aid Seats, and Decorator Seats.


Bemis. Bemis Manufacturing Company, of Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, is a leading manufacturer of seats for toilets. It was founded in 1901 by the Bemis family, who still run the firm. In addition to seats, it manufactures waste management systems for the healthcare sector. Its website is organized into the following sections: Retail Seats, Wholesale Seats, and International. Retail seats are available in round or elongated form, and in more than 90 colors. A kit of color paint chips is available to enable customers to achieve an exact match.


Kyle's Sea Krafts. Kyle's Sea Krafts, of Port Canaveral, Florida, manufactures a range of novelty seashell toilet seats. The seats are made by casting natural materials such as shells and sand into a translucent plastic material. The seats are available in standard and elongated sizes. Each seat carries an individual identification card which explains what it represents, how it was made, and the warranty. Each seat is made by hand, and is one of a kind. Kyle's Sea Krafts also makes seashell tables, using the same hand crafted process.


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